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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

5 new scenarios.

Tiger Trap


Date: 12th Frebruary, 1944
Location: Near Cherkassy, Russia

Designed By: Ts4EVER*

During a hasty overnight retreat a Tiger tank threw a track while crossing a river.
Now Russian recon forces are closing in, hoping to locate and destroy the immobilized monster.
The Germans are scrambling to save and retrieve their tank.

The Tiger tank is worth 1000 victory points. It is immobilized, has used up most of its ammo and its crew has low morale after the botched retreat.

Fictional Scenario, can be played against the AI as both sides or as PBEM.


Date: 15th June, 1941
Location: Sidon, Lebanon

Designed By: Ts4EVER

The Australian 21st Infantry Brigade prepares to cut off the Lebanese harbor of Sidon by occupying the rural area at its outskirts.
Unknown to them the Vichy French are bringing up several tanks to counter attack.

Historical Scenario, best played with Australia as the Human player.
Operation Greif


Date: 21st December, 1944
Location: Malmedy, Belgium

Designed By: Ts4EVER

Operation Greif (Griffon) was a desperate scheme to seize the Meuse River bridges by infiltrating through the American lines.
To this end Panzerbrigade 150 was created.
Equipped with captured American vehicles and Panther tanks modified to look like M10 tank destroyers, they were to mimic an American armored unit.

While the operation did cause some confusion, the Panzer Brigade became stuck in traffic before the element of surprise was lost.
They were instead thrown into the lines on a regular combat mission: Seizing the road center of Malmedy and the bridges across the Wanche river.

You have two companies of elite Fallschirmjäger and SS infantry as well as a platoon of "M10" tanks.
At least two American infantry companies and a tank destroyer unit are holding the objective area.
Make sure to achieve your objectives before dawn breaks and the Americans can bring their artillery to bear on your advancing troops.

Historical Scenario, best played with Germany as the Human player.


Date: 17th September, 1944
Location: Arad County, Romania

Designed By: Ts4EVER

The fortune of the axis power had been waning for a while when Romania switched sides in August 1944.
One month later they found themselves under assault from the east, with the Hungarian 1st Armored division advancing on a bataillon of Romanian cadets.

Hold the line against the Hungarian tanks until your new Soviet allies can bring up reinforcements.

Historical Scenario, best played with Romania as the Human player.
Tough old gut

New Zealand

Date: 23rd September, 1943
Location: Somewhere in Italy

Designed By: Ts4EVER

Italy was called the "soft underbelly of Europe" by Churchill.
The international Allied armies fighting over the mountainous terrain against determined German resistance soon realized that it was a tough old gut instead.

The NZ forces have to clear a ridge occupied by German paratroopers.

Fictional Scenario, can be played from both sides.
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