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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

Third pack. These scenarios are all relatively small and fast.

The Factory

Great Britain*

Date: 16th February, 1944
Location: Anzio Beachhead

Designed By: Ts4EVER

Operation Fischfang was the final German attempt to push the Allied forces into the sea at Anzio.
Before they can make their main assault, they need to secure the "factory", a modern farm complex created as
a model by the fascists.

The ruined buildings are defended by British Infantry. A platoon of Sherman tanks is in reserve. German forces consist of infantry with tank and engineer support.

Historical Scenario, can be played from both sides.
Snowed in


Date: 9th January, 1942
Location: North of Rhzev

Designed By: Ts4EVER

The Wehrmacht has been ground to a halt by the unforgiving Russian winter, as well as timely reinforcements from Siberia. Immobilised by the snow, they have to rely on what few roads they have to maintain internal lines of communication.

A small Russian ski force supported by a single light tank is braving the snow drifts in order to cut one of these vital life lines.

Fictional Scenario, the Human player should take the Russian side.
Enjoy the war


Date: 12th of March, 1945
Location: Eastern Germany

Designed By: Ts4EVER

With the German military desintegrating more and more, the hope for a "final victory" is fading fast.
On the eastern front only the fear of Russian atrocities is keeping the soldiers fighting.

"Enjoy the war, for peace will be terrible."

A Volksgrenadier Company is defending a village and a stretch of autobahn against advancing Soviet mechanised units.

Fictional Scenario, best played with Germany as the Human player.


Date: 9th of February, 1945
Location: North of Cleves

Designed By: Ts4EVER

In order to protect the northern flank of "Operation Veritable", Canadian units are to assault German position in the Rhine River valley. The Germans have flooded these planes in a desperate attempt to stall the Allied advance.

Use your amphibious transport to attack the three objectives and clear them of German forces.

Historical Scenario, best played with Canada as the Human player.
Lubkovo Chapel


Date: 27th of December, 1941
Location: Lubkovo

Designed By: Ts4EVER

Russian infantry recently took the "old chapel", an important terrain feature near the village of Lubkovo. Supported by German artillery, troops of the Spanish "Blue" Division try to get back the half destroyed church.

Historical Scenario, can be played from either side.
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