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Fallout Re: WinSPMBT v13 Corrections

This might help from the guys that rode them. Also any drawings or pictures can be clicked on and enlarged. Further bottom right pictures of ref 1 show PB MK III in additional weapons config. it appears in the drawings, they show the "standard" weapons config.

As of 2015 the PB MK VI is the "standard bearer" for the USN.

Here's the main website for "warboats" above...

In my current capacity I'm still qualified as a "Coxswain" on the 34-foot Dauntless Sea Ark Patrol Boats and for a short time a 40-ft Patrol Boat w/ twin Cummins turbo-charged diesel engines. That baby could "ride the waves" but she was a maintenance bear. We no longer "provide" those services and at times I miss it.

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