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Default Re: Campaign thunder in the sinai"

One thing I forgot to mention above - applies to all especially the earlier soviet kit.

I mentioned low ammo supply (especially AP and even more say, the earlier T55 with only 3-6 HEAT (their best tank killing round) in the load-out. I also mentioned keeping everybody in a single battalion blob.

One thing that can address your ammo problem is to deliberately hang 1 tank co of the 3 or 4 you bought back in reserve and so its not expending precious AT ammo.

Once platoons of the 2 or 3 other coys of the main "lump" up front are going down to HE ammo only remaining then you can rotate a depleted platoon (or an entire coy) with the reserve you carefully kept out of battle. The pulled-back ones can then reload from your ammo carriers and maybe be back in action in the very late game.

That totally fresh company introduced into the later battle can markedly swing things. Its well worth the opportunity cost of keeping it left out of battle till the mid to late game.

And of course if the rest of the battalion "main lump" managed to kill off all/most the enemy armour without needing the reserves help - the fresh reserve coy can lead the sweep-up of the other 2 victory hex clusters with any low ammo troops following its lead.

Reloading takes time - so having that fresh fully "bombed up" tank company as a "second echelon" is very good insurance, IMHO. Especially in the case of the earlier T55s with 3-6 HEAT rounds!. Otherwise you can find yourself with all tanks going out of AP ammo all at once as you put them all in the battle line because you succumbed to temptation. Yes - been there and bought that T-shirt and mug, with my T-55s fighting off the enemy panzers with only HE ammo..!
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