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Default Re: Screenshot from fullscreen game possible!

Originally Posted by SP4EVER View Post
Yes there is a built in option in Windows to enable screenshots from a directdraw game without horribly messed colors.

It is a simple registry option that needs to be enabled.

The patches are available here:
(they talk about another game in the readme, but this fix is universal and works for SPMBT too.)

So now you can take a screenshot from the game even if it is running in full screen with the print screen button. Enjoy.

For those interested this registry hack is shown below so that you may know what key(s) is affected:

E n a b l e P r i n t S c r e e n = d w o r d : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

I popped open the prntscr.reg and the above is all that is contained.

However, you may want to set a system restore point before launching this hack, as is typically done with a registry modification, or saving the registry prior to executing the hack.

I like to take a picture of the map as a way to help in planning a battle, so I think this will be a big benefit.

Thanks SP4Ever!
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