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Default Re: Has anyone tried the iOS port?

Originally Posted by clomaka View Post
bought it for my ipad and liked it. It's a bit fiddly with everything so small on screen, and it seems to run a bit slow. oh, and they removed the lights from all the ships. My ipad's jailbroken, so i've been trying to add my mod. it'll be super hard to do though as they changed a number of images to different formats, for memory reasons i assume as i've encountered crashes even with adding a few things.
I've messed around on my iPad (also jailbroken) and made some changes as a test. I haven't tried loading any mods since that would require changing the defaults. I would be interested in trying your mod if you get it working and can provide diffs.

The inability to use mods is the one glaring issue with this game on the iPad.