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Default Re: China assault vs US, 2001, 65000 pts

Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Thats about what you would expect with 10,000+ points spent on units firing & rearming cluster ammo.
Exactly. Kind of destroys any single player game above 10000 points. But I was bored and felt like using a gamey "strategy". It actually seems easier to win against the AI when heavily outnumbered because you get so many points off arty kills.

Read ages ago but training exercises for a US 93rd Cavalry Squadron around the early 90s worked on this principle. Something along the lines of on defence a Regiment (including its integral arty Paladins) would stop a Soviet Battalion if supported by MLRS. (might have been a division cant remember, outnumbered about 10:1 I think)

The one I remember best the cavalry had attacked the previous day & the commander had got cocky sending scouts in by helo all of which were captured so he attacked blind suffering heavy losses.

Started the next day defending missing 1/3 of his Tanks & Bradleys but got it perfect this time, guessed attack routes perfectly & his FOOs dealt with them.
Only 23 vehicles were ever seen by the defending tanks & Bradleys & in fact it should have been less. Arty fire was stopped in that area of the attack for 1 minute due to an errant round & safety reasons as they were using live ammo.
Wow. I was aware that they did live fire exercises against drone targets at the NTC but that sounds like it took incredible setup work. Glad nobody got hurt.

CM arty is incredibly powerfull probably way more so than the game models despite people moaning otherwise.
Seem to remember the guy in charge of the MLRS called them the grid annilhater because firing the Battalion flattened everything in a 1KM grid reference on the map
Congrats to him. In real life though those rearm trucks would eventually break axles shuffling ammo against 100:1 odds at Fulda. There's only so many tanks you can kill in a 1km grid before their comrades consider it might be a good idea to change course a little.
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