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Confused Golden Talon Campaign

Hi folks. Just tried the Golden Talon campaign a second time, and still can't get past the second battle. The designer claims it's easy so I'm beginning to feel inadequate .

It took me 6 (of 12, supposedly) turns to cross the stream--off-road movement is at most 2 hexes for leg units--and then the scenario ended after turn 11, with a score of something like 850 to 560. Might've had a marginal with the full 12 turns, since my tanks were within striking distance of 3 VH's worth about 150 points . In any case a decisive win was out of the question; the last, most valuable VH is about 22 hexes from the starting line.

Not that I'm complaining. It was fun anyway, but sure would be nice to play the whole campaign.

Addenda: Here (I hope) are some early saves from the belatedly successful (as per the double post below) second battle of the campaign. Hope you can open them if you're interested, since this Windows 10 format doesn't "feel" quite right. Anyway FWIW:
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