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Default Re: Jomon Analysis: 3.21

Because the next update is going to add several more units to Jomon's roster. The summons added recently were supposed to be more or less thematic, the as yet unadded units are supposed to have a larger effect on Jomon's overall balance.

I am not 100% sure I agree with a few things. For example, longbows to me seem to do almost nothing in LA. Unless you have flaming arrows you're not going to do any kind of significant damage to shielded units. So if you're buying huge amounts of samurai archers, I would highly suggest setting them to fire at archers or they're pretty much wasting their time. Also, Aka-Oni samurai are very skilled fighters, and mixed with Go-Hatamoto are very effective at breaking up heavy infantry, which is something samurai archers are not nearly as good at. Crossbowmen might work instead, but you'll be inflicting more friendly fire casualties than enemy casualties once the enemy reaches your samurai archers, which they will do unless they don't have shields. The only thing you have going for you then is the katana attack skill bonus, putting your samurai archer's attack skill up to something like 13.

Because I hate LA longbows, and honestly crossbows so much due to the amount of friendly fire you'll take, what I like to do is use a small screen of Go-Hatamoto for groups of Aka-Oni Samurai. The hatamoto are unshielded, but they do have high hp and decent prot, so they can deal with anything that's not a crossbow reasonably well, and in a small group most crossbow bolts will miss them. You have to work hard at killing enemy archers like this though. Which means either longbow samurai set to fire archers or using something to run up the flanks. If only samurai cavalry was worth the cost.
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