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Default Re: Tank machine guns

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post

I'm not insisting on anything...
That's really good Michael as there is a cold and lonely place in Hell for people who think they have the right to do so.

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post

.....but it always puzzled me: why BMGs have such poor range comparing to TMGs?.. The tankettes are handicapped this way. Maybe they could get TMGs?...
A point you make, it seems to me, at least once a year.....I assume you feel if you nag long enough you'll get what you want ?

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post
(BTW: in case of Soviet T-35 tanks, one of 45mm guns should be removed, because there was no physical possibility to fire both guns at one target - unless the tank turned in front of the target, and then turned again to fire both its 45mm guns...).
As I recall going back nearly 20 years it was determined that in some cases it was possible to aim and fire both 45mm guns at a single target so both guns are included.YOU are the first one to make that an issue in 2 decades and it's staying as it is now. If you don't like it I suggest you and Kiwkki get together and create your own OOB's as it has become counter productive to advancing and improving THE GAME when I spend most of my time dealing with OOB minutiae that has little impact. The ranges for BMG's CMG's and TMGs were agreed on and set nearly 2 DECADES ago and now there are over 500 TMG/CMG/BMG's entered in the ww2 OOB alone ( 1008 in MBT ) and I see 2 people with issues with how we have them set up and neither of those two people are Andy and I

The illustration was not created to be definitive just to show that it could be done and when they were entered that was deemed a good enough reason to include both.

It does seem we have to remind some people that this is a game simulation and as such has limitations.... rear firing MG's are one of them and multiple turrets are another so their use is abstracted and if that's a something else. What we have now as deemed a fair compromise at the time but there will always be someone who thinks anything should be done the way they think it should be done but in this case this mod is mine and Andy's and we are happy with the status quo
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