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Default Re: Tank machine guns

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.....but it always puzzled me: why BMGs have such poor range comparing to TMGs?.. The tankettes are handicapped this way. Maybe they could get TMGs?...
A point you make, it seems to me, at least once a year.....I assume you feel if you nag long enough you'll get what you want ?
Probably it's because I never got the answer, if there's a reason, or it's just a tradition coming from some obscure reasons... So I assumed you just haven't noticed

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
As I recall going back nearly 20 years it was determined that in some cases it was possible to aim and fire both 45mm guns at a single target so both guns are included. (...)

The illustration was not created to be definitive just to show that it could be done and when they were entered that was deemed a good enough reason to include both.
I've made more detailed picture and it seems, that it was possible - for targets situated around 48 degrees from center line in right rear corner, and 48 degrees in left front corner Turrets in a picture are turned at 48 degrees - and their lines of fire are perpendicular, with not much possibility to bend them more (maybe with MG turrets turned there will be a few degrees more). So we'd have to kindly ask an enemy to stay in one of these two places
But as you wish, if you believe it's realistically feasible in combat situation, I won't argue...
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