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Default Re: Planet Types and Atmospheres Knowledge Base

I've lost a lot of time copying and pasting all that garbage but I've found a better way. I made a little program that'll generate everything needed.

The only problem is I can't test my mod without also modifying the XFilesstellar, and since I added a lot of new types and atmospheres, it's taking a lot of time...

For the sake of simplicity, I'll have to copy the picture folder and rename all planet textures to something simpler in order for my program to work...

I might release it if I make a friendlier version...

The last thing I don'T know the anwser about is what'll happen if I take out of the game the rock, ice and gas giant planet types... Will the ai be screwed??

That'S a lot of trial and error, and I might even have to start all over...

please, I'm asking again... If any of you already implemented planets in the game, could you post so info on how you did it?
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