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Default Re: No sound effects

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help and your time

I know I don't write here too often, so you don't know me, but do you really think that someone would open a thread on sound effects only to discover that the volume is "volutarily" turned off (in the game or outside it)?

Which kind of posters are you accustomed with?

(Hope it's clear that I'm joking!! )

Sound and FX at the maximum level,
Windows sound is okay (I'm listening to music while typing),
Sound Mixer for single programs is okay (I run on Win 8.1), I could play the sounds .WAV from "Game Data/Sound" outside of the game.

Just for info,
Until today I haven't played since installing the new patch,
no new sound and no new "aware" changes of PC settings,
it seems that the program could not open WMP or the files.

Thank you guys!

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