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Potion Re: A different way to win a battle

Originally Posted by IronDuke99 View Post
So you are a Platoon Commander on the border between South West Africa and Angola in the late 1980's, you have a very good, highly trained and experienced platoon, supported by a mortar section.

On a hill ahead of you is a lightly dug in group of low moral insurgents, they have a bit more than a section of men, and two RPD MG's. Capturing this hill will push back the enemy, no more, no less.

If your platoon attacks the hill you will certainly win, but you will lose men doing it.

On turn 19 there will be a an airstrike on the hill that will likely kill some enemy and make the others less happy to fight.

On turn 10 your Company commander, pushed by his battalion Commander urges you to attack soon.

On turn 12 your Company commander, strongly urged on by your battalion commander tells you to attack now, and swears a bit. You say you are holding Orders Groups, etc.

On turn 15 your company commander is saying your military career might soon be over, he is pushed by the battalion CO, and the battalion CO is being pushed by Brigade.

Now bear in mind, sometimes, with good officers, brigade and battalion orders, might get a bit of a filter, in the sense that senior officers rage might not reach you in its original form...

Your mission in this scenario is to take the hill while getting the least number of your men killed , before, or after the air strike...
Sounds like a nice tight scenario.

First, I'd follow mission orders.

I would move my platoon to assault position with two squads supporting an assault squad. The assault squad will fire suppression with MGs and rifle grenades, and snipers, etc.

The mortar section will laid fires on the insurgents.

After the air strike is exhausted lay smoke to advance squads for final assault on the insurgent position.

Now, it could very well be true the insurgent position is ripe for taking after five or six turns of mortars and fires from the assault squad before the air strike, but oh since they are coming and it is not a timed objective, let the air strike have a go at it too.

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