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Old July 18th, 2005, 07:13 PM

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Default Tutorial 3 problem

In command mode trying to place flags for end points for second squadron to hold line across opening to bay. As soon as flags are placed they bounce back to original position. I can't get them to stick!
Greatly appreciate understanding what I am doing wrong. My first try at this simulation and was doing great up to this point.
Thanks ahead for any help. Great game!!!

First Lord
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Old July 18th, 2005, 09:56 PM
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Default Re: Tutorial 3 problem

First Lord-

Got your note - thanks for the good word. Im not sure how to help, but I’ll try

Here are two ways to move the flag that may provide an alternate option for achieving your goal.

A) If you are having trouble with the moving the flags in the Battle Map then you may want to try moving the flags in the main view. This method is usually less exact than the map – but it may help. Select a good view where you can see the flag and where you would like to move it to. Then left click down on the flag and drag the mouse (without ‘unclicking’) to the desired destination and then release the click. Hold the mouse till the flag bounces over.

B) If you have been having difficulty with moving the flag in the main view, you may want to try moving it in the Battle Map. First select the squadron marker on the left and then click on the flag to drag and drop it in the new location. You may need to go slow, and interaction with another flag can cause the flag’s destination to not register. So, you may first need to clear out the destination so have a clear path.

If that does not help…. Can you let me know what system you are on (Windows or Mac) and how peppy your computer is? That will give me a better starting point for trying to help. Also – are you using the Map mode or placing the flags in the main battle view?
Andrew Lonon

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