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Old December 29th, 2016, 02:12 PM
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Default Re: WW3: Dutch at the storm

Originally Posted by SaS TrooP View Post
I would thank for that post if only I knew how to do it :P

As of 21k points you lost, it seems that you may have been too reckless with aircraft (but I lost 2 Apaches during test run) and maybe you did not evac significant number of Spikes of Huzaren Recon Company. These are worth heavy money and got quick moving Fenneks to evac them quickly.

You've managed to shot down nice amount of Russian helos though. Their armour is insane.

Check out the second one.
I will be back from holidays in early January and start working on new one. We will be shifting a bit to the east for 2-3 scenarios.
There is a thumps up button in the lower right corner that does the trick.

In general, I think I was waaay too static. And yes, after I lost about 10 Spikes did I realise that they actually are quite expensive and I shouldn't let them on the frontlines. I was mostly worried about the tanks, SAMs and planes and I didn't notice that even the humble Fennec is also around 100 points. That's the problem with expensive armies.

About the helos I'll just say this: after I took care of most of the tanks, I used the ATGMs of AT teams and my Apaches when they arrived as an ad hoc AA missile. They actually have a greatest chance to shoot down a helo than say a Stinger, since the latter can be intercepted by ECM, while the ATGMs cannot. I'm sure this isn't very realistic or doctrinal but oh well...

I'm actually trying the second scenario now, will post the result when I finish. And looking forward for more scenarios!
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