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Old January 26th, 2016, 07:42 PM

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Default Re: Polish OOB

Minor issues:

137 Douglas Boston - more adequate photo is 12550 in RAF markings (though they weren't used by Polish squadrons)

239 Fortified House - better photo seems 30233

258 Marksman - a soldier on a photo is clearly from 1939 - a better photo for this period is French 15022

259 Marksman - a soldier on a photo is from 1939 - it should be replaced with something British, but with an ordinary rifle without a scope. I've found a nice photo of Commonwealth soldier
- it could be used also for British OOB 575 Marksman and Canadian 214 Sniper, which use photos of a scoped rifle.

274, 496,497 Barykada - better photo of a barricade seems 30232

370 Polski Fiat 621 - IMHO better icon for a troop-transporting truck is 3170/72/70, without some package on a platform.
Then, 360 Ursus A should receive icon 3179/81/79, corresponding with its smaller size, and 369 Polski Fiat 618 - yet smaller icon 2138 (winter 3184). There's no need of desert icons for pre-war Poland, but they also can be found.

btw, 369 Polski Fiat 618 - photo is not Fiat 618. It looked like this: http://www.2wojna.pl/galeria/albums/...lwb003z001.jpg or a better photo http://cdnphoto.dobroni.pl/foto_news/lmpd_2.jpg

400,470 37mm AT-Gun - photo is ugly, and shows a gun with half of shield lacking - there is a good Polish one 30500

439 Crusader II-CS - should be used until 5/44 (now 4/43), until advent of Sherman CS

456 Renault FT-17, 457 Renault FT 37mm - I suggest to give them specifically Polish photos (with a gun: http://derela.republika.pl/FT17_Lowicz.jpg or older: http://pibwl.republika.pl/ft17zch7.jpg
with MG: http://pibwl.republika.pl/ft17pol_3.jpg
or I'll attach some others.
For a sake of consistency, unit 456 might be named "FT" instead of "FT-17" (especially, that "17" wasn't officially a part of a name)

471 47mm AT-Gun - I suggest a name 47mm Cpt AT-Gun or something like this meaning captured. Same for 472 20mm AA Gun and 53 50mm AT Gun

477 Hotchkiss H-35 - there are different versions in publications, but most probably they were H-39 with SA-18 gun (Magnuski wrote about H-39, and they were rather new production tanks).
As a result, speed should be 36 km/h, proper icon is 4391, and much better photo is 32017.

693 Fiat 3000 - unfortunately, it isn't known, what armament had this single tank (or if it was armed at all), but it should likely have an Italian armament, sure not SA-18 gun. I suggest to copy #14 VTerni 37mm L40 gun from Italian OOB, with 68 rounds.

793 Bren Carrier - it rather should have Bren instead of a rifle

829 Berliet - icon 3161/63 is more appropriate for a heavy truck

877 Renault FT-17 - a photo should be French one (27556), with FM MG


Easy things worth to add:
- Praga RV truck - #211 from Romanian OOB, used from around 6/39 to 9/39, rare equipment (though used in the 10th Mot. Cavalry Brigade)
- 47mm Gun Empl - #371 from Finnish oob, with its main weapon and #173 rifle, used in 9/39-9/39 on the Polish coast.

btw: weapon 173 should be renamed from "Kb wz.98a" (same as weapon 178) to "Kbk wz.98" or "Wz.98 carbine" - it was shorter carbine, not rifle (and they were distinguished in earlier oobs)

It would be worth also to add Polish most typical field bunker, which was armed with only one wz.30 HMG, and maybe grenades. It could be based upon unit 387. They were meant for flanking fire, so maybe they should have heavily armoured sides (concrete plus earthen embankment from enemy's side)
Old January 27th, 2016, 01:38 PM

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Default Re: Polish OOB

I'm attaching several pictures, that might be useful:

447 Boys Carrier - for consideration, a photo of Polish Boys carrier - unfortunately, not too good, but a real thing from desert fights (I'm not sure if a carrier on current 30233 picture is Polish)

469 7.92 wz.08 AAMG (Maxim) - current photo is probably Dutch (not Polish anyway)

452 Renault R-35 - attached a specifically Polish 1939 R-35 (unfortunately, few photos exist)

529 LKU - attached a photo of Polish armed river boats

539 CKU Nieuchwytny - attached a proper photo of this heavy armed river boat

551 Policja - current photo is probably Slovak armoured car

664 Wz.28(late) - I'm attaching a better photo of late version with slanted back (29506)

I'm also attaching alternative proposals for units:
- 496-497 Barykada from 1944 Warsaw Uprising (not 274 though);
- 238 Bunker (a forest partisan one);
- LWP OOB09 233 MO-D-3 Class (it might be copied to USSR OOB as well, used from 1943)

That's all as for now.
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Old December 6th, 2016, 02:06 PM

Pibwl Pibwl is offline
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Default Re: Polish OOB

Thank You for last updates

Only few things.

I don't know how come I skipped naval support so far:

128 120mm Naval Gun - it could exist only from 5/37 (Grom class destroyers).
If you'd like to change a generic picture, here are photos:
(btw: the destroyer Błyskawica is preserved, as the oldest destroyer in the world)

For earlier period, there should be added 130mm Naval Gun (weapon might be copied from Soviet weapon #189), used from 1/30 (well, precisely 7/30, but it would affect formations) until 9/39 (existed longer, but unlikely after that date). You can use a generic picture, or photos:

456 Renault FT - weapon should be 228 7.92 wz.25 TMG

488 Mustang Mk.III - Mk.III variant could receive an own photo

547 37mm Portee - it's worth to replace a photo with original Polish Morris 15 cwt of Carpathian Lancers

630 Mk IVh (Pz IV) - a photo is a very German tank. There is a Polish one http://www.sokol.slupsk.pl/Polskie_koty/2.jpg

900 Kubus improvised APC - there could be added an infantry flamethrower, quoted as its armament during its most known action, possibly used from an open upper hatch...

There could be added Panzerfaust team in inf.AT (class 2), in 8-9/44, as an insurgent weapon. There is weapon #89, a secondary weapon could be pistol or #157 Kar 98k Rifle, possibly grenades.

That's all. I have several more written down, but they are too minor to bother you...
Old December 3rd, 2017, 08:14 PM
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Default Re: Polish OOB

Renault M26/27 wz.32 was a prototype with installed Vickers E caterpillar mechanism build in poland


WB-10 experimental tank prototype build 1925 survived until 1939


TKS/SD new photos
Old January 21st, 2018, 07:03 PM

Pibwl Pibwl is offline
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Default Re: Polish OOB

I'm sorry to overload you, but icons for 37mm Bofors just must be corrected
The rest - well, you can decide if to spare 10 minutes to complete.


Errors, that should be corrected:

101 105mm Gun - wz.29 gun should have twin-trail icon, not a single-trail - the best is 2125 (of 10 cm K18)

368 Polski Fiat 508 - much better icon, probably even dedicated to it (currently unused) is 2749/2751.
Better name is PF 508 Lazik - they were named so (rough translation = "rover")

370 Polski Fiat 621 - much better icon of Polish primary truck is 3170/3172 - current one is too slim, with much too long cargo platform (upper view http://www.mulierchile.com/polski-fi...08-518-007.jpg)

400, 470 37mm AT gun - icon has been changed to a new one, but erroneous ancient gun - proper icon for Bofors is 8000

402 47mm AT-Gun - it still has old icon 55. Best icon for French 47 mm seems 8038 (of US 37 mm), because of its width and flat shield between wheels. It was quite heavy piece, and should be much larger, than 8019 icon used in French oob.

(The same for French #26, Vichy #26, Italian #83 C/C 47L53 SA37, German #336 4.7cm PaK 183f)

563-567,573 Peugot - a spelling error in name (should be Peugeot)
(BTW: better designations, than AM/AC unused outside France, would be "Peugeot (MG)" - or just "Peugeot", and "Peugeot (37mm)" or something like that.)


Simple things, that it's worth to correct:

15 Stuart V - used until 5/44 only (now 12/46) - then rebuilt to Stuart Recce

491 Stuart Recce - maybe it's worth to just reclassify it to 12 Light Tank, like other Stuarts? (now Light Cav. Tank). They replaced Stuarts as recce tanks in Italian theatre. Now the unit is only used in one single-tank formation #149.
BTW: max speed of turretless Stuarts was reported in Polish sources to be over 70 km/h, due to their smaller weight.

45 Staghound - it was used from 9/43 (now 6/44), radio should be 2 or 0 (now 1) - it was the most common Polish AC in 1944/45

On contrary, 429 M-H IV should be least common AC (now radio 0) (BTW: it was used since 6/45 - now 5/45)
Better icon seems 1371 (of Guy AC), for it had no spare wheel on a front plate (now it's Humber AC) (drawing: https://www.the-blueprints.com/bluep...on-mark-iv.gif) - same for British unit 358 - unless there is a beautiful icon 3933/1212 in SPMBT...

53 Cpt 50mm AT Gun - new standard icon of Pak 38 is 8010

104 Hurricane IIc - it should have two 500lb bombs, like the British one (it seems, that Hurricane couldn't take a single bomb at all).

106 Mosquito VI - it could be available earlier (they were already used from 11/43 by Polish 305 Squadron - now 6/44)

185 Crusader AA Mk2 - in fact they had coaxial AAMG Vickers instead of BMG (they had no MG turret)
(the same applies to British unit 105).

276 4.5in Howitzer - icon is inappropriate, with much too long barrel - British oob uses 2115

282 Rifle Squad - since it has radio 3, it can receive back #60 wz.38M self-loading rifle as a primary weapon (rare experimental unit, nevertheless a couple were used). Maybe it should be named as experimental?

310 Obrona Narodowa - photo should be 32134, like unit 311 (now they are some partisans)

401 25mm AT-Gun - new icon for French 25mm is 8018 (it still has old 54)

418 wz.25 AAMG [2] - unit and its weapon should be named wz.14 (original Hotchkiss, instead of modified wz.25 used only as TMG).

438 Morris LRC - better icon seems 1398 (of Beaverette IV), with its asymmetrical turret (current one is some car, better than nothing).
Same for British unit #558

448 Valentine II - was still used by the Polish after 6/42 - until 11/43 in Mid East

471 Cpt 47mm AT-Gun - new icon for Breda 47 mm is 8029

483 Spitfire Mk.XIV - it's better to rename it Mk.IX, a standard in Polish squadrons operating over ETO in ground support.

In any case, .50 MGs should be changed to two #167 20mm Hispano (well, it had also two .50 MGs, but cannons are more important )

560 75mm wz.97/25 - name should be wz.22/24, in accordance with the weapon.

610,613-615 PZL-23B Karas - speed 4 is probably too much (according to Polish monographs, it was only 268 km/h with maximum bombs load, 319 km/h clean)

691,692 Renault M26/27 - they should be used only until 1932 (rebuilt to ordinary FT afterwards) (now 9/39)

711 Partisan PIAT - better photo, showing Polish partisan Piat in action: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a9/75/7b/a...-the-ruins.jpg
or http://www.info-pc.home.pl/whatfor/baza/aa2/piat1n.jpg

There should be added Sherman Dozer - they were used by Polish tank units (on contrary to #31 Churchill AVRE, which could possibly be used only by allied units).

Best truck icons:
369 Polski Fiat 618 - best is 2138 - short platform 1.2t truck (same for desert one, winter one could stay)

376 Chevrolet 157 - better is 3167/3169, so that it's longer than Fiat 621

382 3 Ton GS Truck - icon is the same as #347 30cwt truck, should be bigger, eg. 2151


210,211,212 Monitor, Gunboat - it's better to clarify River Monitor / River Gunboat

338 Infantry Gun Pl - there should be limber instead of wagon

358 Heavy Art Bn /3 - sadly, there was only one 105mm battery and one 155mm battery (3 guns each) in heavy arty units of infantry divisions

That's all as for Poland this season.

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Old January 21st, 2018, 08:46 PM
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Default Re: Polish OOB

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post
I'm sorry to overload you,

********* If you were you'd stop dumping these damn lists on the forums. Your OCD is a PITA...

402 47mm AT-Gun - it still has old icon 55. Best icon for French 47 mm seems 8038 (of US 37 mm), because of its width and flat shield between wheels. It was quite heavy piece, and should be much larger, than 8019 icon used in French oob.[/quote]

That's nice Michael but "old icon 55" ISN'T IN THE GAME ANY LONGER , That entire file has been redone months ago so any comment about those one is a waste of my time trying to sort out is what you THINK is better is in fact better.so you are now sending me " corrections" on things that are NOT WHAT YOU SEE and it's a PITA sorting through and I'm not the least bit impressed with your short selling the work involved with " you can decide if to spare 10 minutes to complete. "

10 minutes MY A$$!!

Originally Posted by Pibwl View Post
That's all as for Poland this season.
Make that the last for ANYTHING else "this season" or I WILL shut you down.......go read the forum rules....6th paragraph from the end... All you contribute any longer is mainly negative energy and aggravation.


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