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Old November 11th, 2006, 04:13 AM

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Default Re: RAND2

WraithLord: I guess I understood you better than Jotunheim, since I noticed that you were trying to make peace at the time I cast arcane nexus. Of course it might be, that Jotunheim just didn't want to have peace. I was a little worried that you would both come after me while I was still fighting R'lyeh and Ermor. That would have made my life hard.

Ygorl: You were such a pane in the glass. When I attacked you first, I thought that Atlantis would take care of your underwater provinces and I could have the rest for almost free. Then Atlantis lost the war against you and you started to come after me. I thought that that wouldn't happen since there were a lot weaker opponents near you that you could have taken out a lot easier. But you just came after me. When you took your provinces back I was busy fighting Caelum and thought that you would settle for those. Then I tried to make peace with you by giving you provinces that were under your dominion but you just kept coming. And I kept smacking you back to the sea. You just couldn't take the hint. Finally I was forced to go after you with a real army and throw you back to the sea for good. I tried to follow and finish you off, but that one starspawn took my entire army out. Damn him. I think it was by biggest defeat in the whole game.
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Old November 11th, 2006, 04:37 PM
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Default Re: RAND2

@Jurri, ok, so I now I have a better understanding of why we were at war in the first place. I haven't paid that much attention to your war with Ulm so I haven't noticed I'm stepping on your toes taking Ulm provinces.

@Grizannor, I think someone not attacking you and just retaking his provinces many turns straight should be obvious enough a hint for peace. Maybe Juton player had an aversion for half man

I must admit that for me it was a fun game, one of the best I've been at. I think no diplo and VP can make for some fun MP games.
See you all in dom-III games
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