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Old April 22nd, 2001, 06:30 PM

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Default Suggestions for the Future of Air Command

I thought it would be good to start a topic with what players thought about possible future Versions of Air Command. I guess this topic would be something that Joe Jaworski could look at for ideas (if he wants them).

I've already covered some ideas but I will put them in this topic for completion sake.

1) Campaigns: Let's have a system that you could start at a very small airport and if you do well (achieve a high enough score, or other conditions) then you will be offered a job at a larger airport. This will continue until you have been recognised as FAA's Air Traffic Controller of the Year (or something like that)

2) Special Events: Maybe include things like The Presidents Plane is flying through (or even landing) and you must divert traffic until it's done. Maybe the 747 with the Space Shuttle on it. Other events could be airplane emergencies, like low fuel, engine not working, passenger very sick, etc. Just some things that would make you shuffle traffic around in order to put priority to a particular plane.

3) Maybe we could make "No-Fly-Zones" that you wouldn't be allowed to have planes fly through. Suggestions would be "Over the White House" or "Military Training Grounds". In those cases, there are chances that the plane would be shot down.

4) Make weather a consideration. I never use the Doppler Effects, not because they are a pain, but because they don't (in my opinion) add anything to the game. Let's make the weather a consideration by having the storm area affect the flying of the aircraft. Maybe you have to divert the aircraft around particularily bad storm areas. Also, Joe, if you are feeling really adventurous, have the weather areas "morph" so that their shape doesn't stay constant the entire time.

5) I've mentioned the radar sweep before. Let's make this a "Bonus points" option. But, when it is on, the planes, weather, etc. only update on the screen when the sweep goes over them. I can't say that I know what modern radar is like, but from my usage of radar in the navy, the sweep started at the center of the screen and worked around in a 360 degree circle.

I am having a bLast playing AC 3.0 as it is, but it mainly something of a "Beer and Pretzels" game to me, so that I mainly play when I am short on time to play something else. With some of the additions mentioned above, this could really turn into a great game with substance.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? What would be great, also, is if Joe, himself, would comment on the board.
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