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Old October 6th, 2006, 03:54 AM
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Default Re: Hebrew derived position suggestions

DrPraetorious said:
Anyway, let us indeed fork. Endoperez is 100% correct about those units being too big.

So, I'm thinking there aren't really enough Hebrews for three eras, so lets try this. Hykosia comes from "Hyksos", who are not Hebrews but some people seem to think they are. These are revised magic picks, I'll try revising and expanding the unit profiles as soon as I get excel reinstalled.
* -> Capital Only

Hykosia, Reign of the Nephilim (compare to - Niefelheim)
*Nephilim Prince: HHBB, 100% {FANx2}, 50% {FABN}
Witch: 100% {BN}, 10% {FABN}, sacred
*Witch Mother: HBN, 100% {FABN}, 10% {FABN}

Carthacia, ??? (compare to - Abyssia)
*Anakim Prince: HHBB, 100% {ASx2}, 100% {FASB}
Witch: 50% {B}, 50% {FAS}, research bonus, sacred
*Witch Mother: HBS, 50% {FASB}, research bonus, siege/castle
Hykosia, Reign of the Judges (compare to - Shinuyama)
*Judge: HHHFA, 100%{NFAx2}, 100% {NSW}, 10% {NFASW}
Keeper of the Scrolls: HHFA, 50% {NF}, 50% {NA}, 25%{SW}, 10% {NFASW}
Cohen: HA, 10%{NFS}

Carthacia, Fields of Salt
Witch: 50% {B}, 50% {DAN}
*Witch Mother: HHBN, 100% {DANB}
Hykosia, Reign of the Kings
*Gaon: HHS, 100%{SFAWENx2}
Kabalist: S, 100%{FAWEN}, Sacred
Posek: HH, 10%{FAWEN}
Canter: H, Communion Slave

How about these for magic picks:
This is much better. I'd suggest one more change, though:

instead of 100%(SFAWENx2), which I presume is a 100% chance for a linked random, you could have 2x 100%SFAWEN, or 100% SFA and 100% WEN, etc. EA Tien Chi, as an example, has one 100% and 10% random for AWSN, and another 100% random for FED or something like that.

EA Hykosia, the new Reign of the Nephilim, could use a better non-capital priest or mage. Perhaps a Nephilim commander, similar to Jotun Jarl or Jotun Gode? That'd work for a priest. Perhaps a small chance for magic, too. Actually, a 10%(FABNx2) would be interesting, as they'd still sometimes be decent mages, but would usually be only usable as thugs. I don't know enough about Nephilim to know if that fits, but at least the priest thing is important for balance if they are supposed to be similar to Niefelheim.
Hykosia, Reign of the Judges is magically very powerful. I think that it would currently fit better as EA. It's hard to say for sure yet, though.

Also, randoms are a bit more rare in Dominions 3 than they used to be in DomII. As an example, Arcoscephale Mystics have:
S1, 100% FWES, 50%F, 50%W, 50%E randoms. They can get level 2 in any of the four paths, or 1 in all, but 3 in none.
If you want to keep Judges in MA, test the nations in the demo a bit, then tone the randoms down.

LA Man, Towers of Chelms, is also an interesting nation. They have Judges, law-speakers and investigators for 50 gp. They can lead 40 units, have patrol bonus 20, and have 50%F and 50%D randoms to help them collect information from those living or death. Similarly, they have spies with siege and castle defense bonus and enough chances in randoms that they are usually mages; Magisters of Theology who might've taken up some magic in their studies, etc. If you are interested, I can post details of more varied randoms. You're doing great job already, though. I especially like the Nephilim Prince randoms.
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Old October 6th, 2006, 03:16 PM
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Default Re: Hebrew derived position suggestions

Well, consider machaka - machaka has an easy time getting 3F, 3N, 3E and 2D, and it's a middle period nation.

How's this - we have early period Hykosia and *late* period Hykosia, with no middle period at all - what I have as early period Hykosia gets renamed Carthacia. The back story is that Hykosia is still under the thumb of Ermor in the middle era, but is liberated in the late Era.

I actually think the Judge is a little weak for an early period spellcaster - most early period nations have a shot at several threes and one or two fours (I have a game of Nifelheim open in the other window - it gets pretty crazy really fast.)
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