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Old June 5th, 2006, 04:13 PM

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Default Some OOB additions

I was just poking around and I added some things to various OOBs, figured I'd post it up in case anyone else is interested. Mostly aircraft additions, but there are some vehicles.

-OOB 7 (Great Britain)

Modified Units:
050 Staghound I (Name-Only)
336 Mosquito Tsetse (FB XVIII)

New Units:
801 Corsair III
802 Hellcat F.II
803 Albacore Mk.I
804 Albacore Mk.I
805 Hurricane TR.I (Tac R. Mk.I)
806 Hurricane IV
807 Hurricane IV
808 Hurricane IV
809 Mosquito FB.VI
810 Mosquito FB.VI
821 Scorpion's Tail
822 Staghound II
823 Staghound III

-OOB 11 (Soviet Union)

New Units:
550 IS-II/PT-3
597 OT-34/85
598 PT-34/85 M1944
636 STZ/BM-13-16
637 SU-57
748 Douglas A-20G-1

-OOB 12 (US Army)

Modified Units:
089 B-25H Mitchell
092 A-26B Invader
358 B-25H Mitchell

New Units:
570 B-25G Mitchell
571 B-25G Mitchell
572 B-25H Mitchell
573 B-25J Mitchell
574 B-25J Mitchell
575 A-36A Invader
576 A-36A Invader
577 P-51A Mustang
578 P-51A Mustang
579 A-26B Invader
580 A-26B Invader
581 A-26B Invader
582 A-26C Invader
583 A-20G-20 Havoc
601 RL T34E2
602 M15 "Special"
603 M32/T1E1

-OOB 13 (USMC)

New Units:
418 F4U-1C Corsair


Modified Units:
093 Beaufighter X (Icon Only)
591 Douglas C-47 (Icon only)
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