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Old August 26th, 2005, 11:01 AM
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Default Scenario/Map index


The summer is over and we may continue our work in the project.
We will work with the most direct approach which is the scenario or map allocation to one or more designers.
The best approach would be to first work with prototype maps and AI tactical routines but this should follow a parallel course.

The scenario allocation should work like this:

We will follow the Boonierat's Chapter index and each designer will choose one chapter/map/both at a time and upon completion he may proceed to another chapter of his choice.
We will use the selected CORE force.
Take notice that a designer may choose to just design maps for one or more chapters and another designer may use that map to create the mission/scenario.
Of course any designer may do both of them.
Don't forget that each chapter include a secondary and primary mission (so you should try to follow that rule - if you can't find a way to combine a secondary and primary mission then you may just design one mission)
Take notice that no replacements will be available until the end of the chapter (Secondary and primary missions - so you must take this into consideration for the later mission/primary)
Take notice that at the start of each TOO the player may choose the combination of his available support AUX assets (during the next days we will allocate these to each TOO)
At this stage balance is not an issue, so don't be concerned with this parameter (just use your creativity).

Before you start working on a specific CHAPTER you should post in this thread what chapter's scenario/map/combination you wish to work with and I will keep the list updated.

Let's the work begin!

Steming the NVA: The Ia Drang valley Campaign Sep-Dec. 1965 (ToO#1)
[/b]Chapter 1, A New Home: The 1st Cav Arrives at An Khe [/b]

scenario:Pyros/open for more designers
map:Pyros/open for more designers

Here we can have some shake down operations to get the player accustomed to his units, for example:
Op. Op.Good Friend II/Sayonara (joint Army/USMC/ROK road security along Route 19 from Qui Nonh to Binh Khe)
Op.Happy Valley I & II (pacification in Vinh Thanh Valley)
Op.Lonesome End (security of the famous Mang Yang Pass)

Chapter 2, Plei Me under Siege: Send in the First Team

scenario:Pyros/open for more designers
map:Pyros/open for more designers

Here the serious business begins, the Cav must relieve a besieged SF camp and pursue the retreating NVAs:
Op. All the Way with a battle for an NVA field Hospital, an ambush near cambodian border, an battle for a hot LZ etc...

Chapter 3, Cavalry Pursuit: Breaking the NVA


Here are the famous battles of the campaign with terrible fightings for LZ X-Ray, Albany and Columbus.

scenario:Pyros/open for more designers
map:Pyros/open for more designers

The Coastal Campaign: The 1st Cav in Binh Dinh province Jan-Mar. 1966 (ToO#2)
Chapter 4, A Change of Scenery: The Coastal Sands


Operation Masher/White Wing begins here, the largest search and destroy operation to date with US (1st Cav), ROK (Capital Div) and ARVN (22nd Division) units aimed at breaking the NVA and VC grip on the populous Binh Dinh province north of Qui Nonh. We can have such missions as an Air Assault on a fortified Village (Cu Nghi), the rescue of a downed Chinook, etc...

Chapter 5, Into the Valley: Clearing the An Lao


Here Operation White Wing leaves the coast with the 1st Cav entering the feared An Lao valley NW of Bong Son and evacuating its population.

Chapter 6, Striking South: Battle of the Kim Son


Continuing Operation White Wing, the Cav assaults another NVA stronghold, the Kim Son valley (aka the Crow's Foot). Here we can have pretty tough battles vs NVA bunker complexes and B-52s arc light raids!

Battle on Two Fronts: Screening the Cambodian border and rooting the NVA out of Binh Dinh Mar-Oct. 1966 (ToO#3)
Chapter 7, Sustained Pursuit: Binh Dinh Campaign


Here we can squeeze a village battle in the Bong Son plains during Op. David Crockett and the furious battle for LZ Hereford on a ridgeline of the Kim Son valley during Op. Crazy Horse

Chapter 8, Old Grounds: Return to the Ia Drang valley


The Cav returns on the cambodian border during Op. Paul Revere II were we can have the battle for LZ Juliet and a classic hilltop battle with dug in NVA bunkers on Hill 534 on the southern portion of the Chu Prong massif

Pacification: Taming Binh Dinh once and for all Oct 66-Jan 68 (ToO#4)
Chapter 9, Renewed Campaign: Operations Thayer and Irving


Here we can have the player experience the frustration of Vietnam with a massive airmobile assault in the Kim Son valley which fails to trap the NVA during Op. Thayer I; the battle for Hoa Hoi during Op. Irving (would be fun to have the player realize that Vietnam was the first TV War, it was during this operation that the french TV team of Pierre Schoendorffer accompanied one of the Cav's company to shoot the famous documentary: The Anderson Platoon and which could join the core force as a special civilian unit); and then we can have the terrible fighting for LZ/FSB Bird, where a skytrooper company and two batteries of artillery sustained a massive night ground assault by the NVA during Op; Thayer II

Chapter 10, Winning Hearts and Minds: Operation Pershing


During this operation that took most of 1967, the Cav was employed in a role it was ill-suited to play: pacification of an entire province. Search and destroy operations were replaced by countless days of cordon and search, area security, rice denial and population control. Some heavy fighting errupted though to break the monotony, almost always triggered by 1st Sqn, 9th cavalry, the "Cav of the Cav" -100% airmobile reconnaissance Squadron. A few ideas for battles: Battle of the Dam Tra-O lake (June); foray in the I Corps' Song Re valley and the battle for LZ Pat (August) and the week-long battle of Tam Quan where the cav cornered two full battalions of NVA and annihilated them.

Cavalry to the Rescue! Northern I Corps Tet Offensive Campaign Jan-Oct 68 (ToO#5)
Chapter 11, Flexible Response: The Battle of Quang Tri


The Cav helps repel the NVA assault on Quang Tri during Tet

Chapter 12, Closing the Gate: Hue City


The Cav cuts the NVA supply line into Hue by air-assaulting right in the middle of it at Thon La Chu

Chapter 13, Breaking the Siege: Operation Pegasus


The Cav reopens Route 9 to Khe Sanh, lifting a 77-days siege

Chapter 14, Cavalry Raid: Into the A Shau


The Cav assaults the NVA A Shau valley sanctuary but meets adverse weather conditions and formidable anti-aircraft defences, Here we can have such missions as securing an old airstrip for air-resupply by C-123s and the uncovering of a huge NVA logistical system with all weather trails, trucks, food and ammos caches and even russian tanks and bulldozers!

The Cav Moves South: Screening Saigon Oct 68-May 1970 (ToO#6)
Chapter 15, Area of Operation: Sheridan Sabre


Here we can have the LZ battles like Grant and Carolyn and also some joint operations with the 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment

Chapter 16, Area of Operation: Navajo Warhorse


Here the Cav experiements the NavCav concept in the waterways on the Mekong Delta with the US Navy (we can even squeeze a recreation of the battle scene in Apocalypse Now here)

Into the Unknown: Cambodia Incursions May-June 1970 (ToO#7)
Chapter 17, Toan Thang: Total Victory


Here the Cav pushes into the NVA cambodian sanctuaries of the Fish Hook area and discovers "The City"

Stand Down and Redeployement: The Final Years July 70-June 72 (ToO#8)
Here we will have to determine how to end the campaign

scenario: to be discussed
map: to be discussed
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