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Old April 7th, 2013, 01:45 AM

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Default Re: Second War of Loemendor, game underway

That wasn't Agartha's head

Agartha's post-mortem goes something a little along the lines of R'lyeh wanted a secession of water provinces conquered by Agartha or he would try to get everybody to help him gang up on Agartha.

The aftermath of such extortion was Agartha butted Ermor's head with his left boot, seized R'lyeh's capitol with his right arm, played footsy with TC with his right foot and flailed his left hand in a flurry trying to stave off Abysia until Machaka could eat them.

Against any 1, or even 2 of those nations I could have mowed over, but the combination of them in 4 distinct directions and very different strengths and vulnerabilities made it exceedingly difficult to do anything but achieve a 30 turn stalemate
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Old April 7th, 2013, 01:07 PM
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Default Re: Second War of Loemendor, game underway

I went with a D9F4W4 improsoned master lich. Starting position was horrible, in the middle of a bunch of wastelands with border mountains on all sides. I knew I wanted to get a 2nd fort up as soon as possible for more sacred recruitment and that Mictlan's cheapest forts were in mountain terrain so I struck South immediately, East and West could wait.

As soon as I encountered Machaka Southwest I reached out diplomatically looking for some kind of peace or NAP and he agreed. Expanding East I encountered Vanheim, who lost a bunch of weakly blessed sacreds to my expansion party. We had some talks, and he seemed to have given up really. I went ahead and attacked him.

Around this time we were setting up a joint attack on Ulm with Machaka. Ulm lost.

After that there was a lot solidifying the alliance with Machaka and talking about who to attack next. We agreed to each attack different targets while providing support if needed/possible. Machaka went on to fight Abysia in long drawn out war that he won in the end. I attacked Pythium who crumbled quickly, though taking his forts did take a good while since I did not want to fail a siege against some crazy theurg communion.

Around this time I decided I would attack whoever was south of Pythium, and began to give gold Pangaea and use Leprosy on Tien Chi, to even out their war. The rest is recent history.
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Old April 7th, 2013, 11:39 PM
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Default Re: Second War of Loemendor, game underway

On Ryleh side there is not much to say. I've been in early wars to claim all sea provinces. I was planning to go hard against Pangaea thinking Agartha wouldn't bother me despite the couple sea provinces i took to him since he was already at war. Finally he has sent a nice raiding party straight to my cap for which i was absolutely not prepared. I've lost my cap for several turns and even if i wasn't dead literally my hopes to win the game were dead at this point. Turn 60 i felt like i was trn 30.

When i finally came back on my foot half of my seas had the mictlan's candle on them despite tons of preachers. And my strength compared to mictlan's was peanuts.

Now i had a pretty descent view of what was going around. I was pretty sure Mictlan was going to win when i saw Machaka going to the west in Abysia's lands. I think he didn't realize the gap of power he had already with mictlan. It s some kind of double victories for Mictlan : Diplo & military well done.

Congratz also to Excist for his resilience against so many foes.
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