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Old June 4th, 2017, 10:53 PM
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Default Re: Carriers

Three things more then this is ended

Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
I can see how 2 crew works to keep a soft vehicle alive a bit longer, but I can't see how this works for an armoured vehicle? Isn't it destroyed the same whether it has 2 crew or 1?
Have you ever noticed a penetrating hit that gets a message with a *

each * represents damage.....usually crew is reduced. One crew makes them more vulnerable to damage like this

You provided this link...

Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
Did you read the entire thing?

Afterthought September 21 2011, 12:05 PM


The driver of the UC I saw on Saturday said his carrier could do some 38 MsPH, w/ a 6 men crew + the gun! Not sure if it had the original engine though?

I have put your "concerns" onto the list of items Andy and I want to address for the next patch...it's #62 and there are FAR more important items ahead of it. My suggestion since this seems to cause you so much grief is this........ ONLY USE THEM BY THE STANDARD YOU DEEM CORRECT......so.. if you think they should only carry 3 of 4....don't put any more than that in them but I will look at PERHAPS adjusting the crew to one but the carry cap stays 6...the ones that are higher than that will be looked at when time allows and the one in the Canadian OOB that was 10 carry cap has been corrected and the end date for that UC has been adjusted to keep it from being offered with M14's and Kangaroos. That was a temporary fix that was forgotten about.

and finally ( and I mean finally......this has gone on WAY longer than it deserves)

Originally Posted by Kiwikkiwik View Post
Pictures with more than 4 men in a universal carrier are showing the vehicle used as a transport, clearly they did not go into battle like this as it would be suicide.
The last photo in the first post I made show battle ready troops in that carrier. That photo is not staged and every man has his rifle at the ready Carriers were mainly used to bring troops to the battle not INTO the battle they did not fight from the carriers as a rule so they could be both fighting scout carriers and lightly armoured transports more so as the war progressed and there are AMPLE photos supporting our position. The more early war formations generally carry under the 6 capacity but the 6 capacity is there if required and both Andy and I agree on that and if you don't......feel free to MOBHack your own personal OOB's


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