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Old September 23rd, 2010, 07:15 PM
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Disk Re: Balance Mod Available for SE:V


The next update for the Balance Mod is finally available. I'm didn't really get a chance to play test the mod over the last few weeks, so hopefully the more recent changes are working well. I'm sure you guys will let me know if we need a few adjustments. That's why I put an v1.19i for early October. :P

You can grab the download here:

There's some fixes and lots of AI work across the board in version 1.19g. The changelog is listed below and many of the items I've already discussed in the Spaceempires.net forums.

v1.19h Changelog:
1.  Fixed   - Error in defense modifier for Troop vehicles
2.  Changed - Reduced damage amount for Power Leech Beam
3.  Fixed   - Self-Destruct Device wasn't working correctly
4.  Changed - Bridge and Master Computer components will allow vehicles to self-destruct, but won't prevent ship capture
5.  Fixed   - Massive Ionic Dispersers could potentially target bases
6.  Fixed   - Certain combinations of Fighter Bays/Drone Launchers would not satsify Carrier requirements when they should have
7.  Fixed   - Ships in fleets could be scrapped/retrofitted when the scrap/retrofit ministers were not activated
8.  Changed - Reduced AI's likelihood for accepting migration treaty elements
9.  Changed - AI will consider unexplored warp points for dropping units if there are no other determined locations
10. Changed - Improved AI's unit scrapping to be balanced across its colonies
11. Changed - The AI will scrutinize their treaty status with other empires more closely for anger determination
12. Changed - Attacking and defending AI fleets will vary their tactics more frequently
13. Fixed   - AI was sometimes constructing Robotoid Factories on planets without Space Yards
14. Changed - AI will always use its closest colonizer for a selected colony target
15. Changed - Improved AI's distribution of units on its colonies
16. Changed - Improvements to balance the AI's vehicle construction scheme
17. Fixed   - AI empires were too often swapping Intel for Research facilities (and vice versa)
18. Changed - Add extra anger for the AI for a turn's first combat with another player
19. Fixed   - Intelligence projects or events that affected happiness were not work correctly
20. Changed - AI transports and layers will attempt to use leftover movement points after dropping off their cargo
21. Added   - AI will attempt to add more troops to planets with decreasing happiness levels
22. Changed - AI empires will utilize unit hubs for distribution of units to launch locations
23. Added   - General combat performance history will now be kept by AI empires
24. Added   - AI will use recent combat performance history to modify diplomacy
25. Fixed   - Sometimes anger from an empire's relations with other known empires was incorrect
26. Fixed   - Sometimes AI players wouldn't recognize anger events from weaker empires
27. Changed - Anger for enemy ships/colonies increased based on enemy's priority
28. Changed - AI empires will are now more likely to maintain non-aggression treaties with lower risk enemies
29. Changed - AI empires will avoid war or breaking treaties with lower risk
30. Changed - Added more criteria for determining if an AI empire will go to war (or break its treaty) with another player
31. Changed - Made improvements to AI fleet's retrofitting
32. Added   - Diplomacy modifiers for AI empires to react more strongly to human players in weak or strong positions
33. Fixed   - AI fleets would sometime report no orders when in fact that had orders
34. Fixed   - Standalone AI Fighter or Drone groups weren't receiving any orders
35. Added   - Happiness penalty for populations that are disloyal
36. Changed - Increased intelligent project costs
37. Updated - AI Scripts
38. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts
Space Empires Depot | SE:V Balance Mod
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