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Old July 12th, 2012, 10:16 PM
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Default What happened to Lady Luck

Just had one of those turns where she deserted me, still my time will come I hope.
USA (me) vs Russia 2000 & something & the turn went wrong right from the start, lost contact with an F-15 so he made his attack run, was not to bothered as only manpads left for air defence but enemy had moved so wanted to change target hex. Well 3 manpads fire at range 2 hit at 10 & 11% then the platoon of BMPs hes targeting open up 3 hits at 1% & hes going down, aargh that was expensive.
Next up bit of fighting round some woods hexes need to get a bit to close for LOS & theres ATGMs covering the area so careful with the vehicles. The Ruskie support squads here have those RMG RG flame things nasty vs infantry so a MMG & squad engage him as only units out of range of it. Manage to pin him & draw a couple of shots. Now I may have been lucky before so far my vehicles have avoided being hit by standard RPGs but they have taken 3 hits off these taking a track off one basic M113 & striping the other of its MG. The Bradley was just suppressed but on reflection it may have hit its ERA. Anyway this prompts me to move an Abrams into the tree line at 300 metres without bothering to put a smoke screen. The squads suppressed firing at max range & whats the worst that can happen if it hits, bit of suppression & my infantry can move in to get him anyway. Resounding thunk **** & there go the weapons its now armed with a 1 shot MG, yikes serious chastising for not placing smoke first.
Deal with the rest of the infantry in the area as I dont want there eyes as my Abrams & Bradleys move 1 hex to the tree line to engage a nearby T-80, one shot each in the hope he wont spot them, 5 hits one of the Bradleys auto cannons missed, every single shot got stopped by ERA. Time to fire the Abrams again, yet another hit on the ERA & he dies in the return fire, what the!!! Well Im committed now the other Abrams opens up & guess what hits the ERA finally getting it with his next shot.
Count them thats 7 stops by the ERA in a row I have no idea of the odds but it must be astronomical.
Now one of those ATGMs has become visible to my infantry, hes a lot closer than the rest & moving taking up position to stop a flanking move, 2 squads open up minor pinning. Want to take him out as hes in motion & think its safe to pop out a M113 & Bradley to try. M113 pulls out fires & returns Bradley takes his place fires & the damn ATGM team launched a missile & took him out. Well that was it for me no more attacks that turn today is just not my day.
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