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Old July 1st, 2010, 02:44 PM

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Default 1st post! About Elastic Defense strategy.

Hey everybody! Glad to be here.

I recently played A game against the computer (Marines vs. North Korea 1950) Where I gave myself 2500 points, and the Koreans had 3500 points. I was playing as A delaying defense.

I set up as basically A infantry heavy squad with supporting mortars and limited air support. Off map guns were limited. No tanks. I figured maybe the computer would buy tanks so I planned for the accordingly.

After setting up my lines, I sent some scouts ahead to see if I could get a feel for where the enemy might try to concentrate attack. I had vehicles for my troops so if the attack happened somewhere that my lines were thin at, I could do A rapid redeploy accordingly.

Those sly Koreans decided to hit real hard in the center with infantry, and A little to the north I could get A feel for A few tanks. As the center attack pressed into my line I started to slowly pull back to create a pocket that they could suck into. It worked, I had them sinking deeper and deeper into my plan. After I pounded their positions with mortar fire to supress, I brough machine gunners into their flanks and closed the pocket behind them with A few squads of infantry. Worked like a charm, had nearly their entire force (I thought) in the pocket, working into them with air strikes, mortar, and machine gun fire.

As soon as they realized they had been trapped I had artillary fire all over my positions, it was a mess. I anticipated the tanks trying to bail them out, I set up some AT positions on my flank, and they hit about right where I expected. Took out 4 tanks before the repositioned. The Koreans decided to try and bail south, putting heavy stress on my southern lines. I repositioned some infantry to help, but they eventually broke through. Through some smarter thinking I pressed them into another pocket, killing the HQ and winning.

My question now is, has anyone else had success in implementing this type of doctrine into A game? Trying to give the enemy more points and counter act it with good strategy?

Thank you,

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Old July 1st, 2010, 05:28 PM
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Default Re: 1st post! About Elastic Defense strategy.

Standard tactic creating a pocket & shutting the gap if thats what you meant, on the odd occasion AI has been known to try it by stopping its main advance & flanking down one side.
On points a normal delay would have given 2x your points or can set globaly prefs to whatever % you want for campaigns there is a thread somewhere.
So yes people play with AI set to a higher point value than yourself mines 130-140% cant rember which.
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