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Old April 5th, 2021, 03:28 AM

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Default Issue in Scenario #53 Villars-Bocage Normandy

With the exception of unit AB5 all of the Lloyd carriers use Halftrack icons.

Since AB5 has a carry capacity of 12 I think they were all supposed to be half tracks and they were just mislabled and AB5 used the wrong icon.
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Old April 5th, 2021, 08:50 AM
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Default Re: Issue in Scenario #53 Villars-Bocage Normandy

No , I suspect that 20 years ago when this was built the Loyd carriers were probably Bren Carriers and at the time they had been set to carry a full squad and 20 years of OOB adjustments we ended up with a Halftrack that will hold the full section but is still using the old name and at some point, I will probably fix this but unfortunately ATM my HDD is showing signs of failing so I will be doing nothing more until that issue is resolved. The current patches are build and Andy is doing final checks and with what we have now they look good but there will be no further work done until I get this computer fixed and it's Easter Monday during a pandemic during another frigging lockdown so just imagine how happy I am ATM.

The units using a "loyd carrier" that have infantry should be Halftracks in this scenario so that is just a name issue and the ones pulling 6 pdrs should be loyd carriers and that is an Icon issue....both are minor issues and maybe one day that will be corrected. I do appreciate your attention to detail for pointing this though. That scenario has probably been like that for most of it's existance

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