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Old July 5th, 2005, 05:43 PM
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Default AI Tactics: NVA and VIET CONG Tactics

Introduction to NVA and VC Ambush tactics, from simple and small scale to fully fledged five-element maneuvering ambushes.

Offensive Operations Overview of NVA/VC offensive operations

Defensive Operations Overview of NVA/VC defensive operations

Booby Traps Employment and effect of widespread use of booby traps

NVA Sappers Development of the NVA Sapper Corps examines training, organisation and tactics

Power Raids How the NVA/VC conducted their lightening fast attacks on allied bases and defensive installations.

Hill Trap Maneuvers In 1966 the NVA started to develop a form of maneuver designed to annihilate US forces in 'special' killing zones.

Standoff Attacks As the war progressed, the NVA made increasing use of standoff weapons to attack US installations in 'hit and run' operations utilising rockets, recoilless rifles and mortars.

Area Control and Mobility In order to maintain their grip on the local populace and remain elusive from allied forces, the NVA and VC adopted techniques that allowed them to achieve both objectives simultaneously.

NVA and VC Base Camps The construction of base camps and the maintenance of supply caches was a major feature of NVA and VC mobile operations. Realising this, they were also the major targets of the allied efforts.

NVA and VC Supply Caches The establishment and maintenance of widespread caches of food, weapons and gear was of particular importance to the NVA and Vc since it allowed them to remain mobile and supplied even when their base camps were overrun.
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