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Old August 18th, 2012, 07:56 PM

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Default 2 quick questions

Sorry before hand if these have been asked and explained before. Im just looking for some short answers.

1- AA guns. Do they really hit that much?

At first I though maybe the AI just gives out too many. Then I though, well alot of them are just AA Machine Guns. But it seems if I send out 6 spotters in the opening round all 6 get shot down. Most before they see anything. I have read many success stories on shooting down planes in WW2 but I dont recall any with this high of a ratio.

Or is it, this is just the best the game can do? as far as making it realistic.

2- Counter Fire- There are many times I have like a 2%-3% chance of hitting something...as far as I can tell I hit about that small of chance when I do.

However the AI oppenet says it has a very low percentage but actually hit much higher.. I almost always loose one or two men on 3-5 counter fires from an enemy. Is it just mis-showing the real %? or is it borked?

And OH BY THE WAY. I cant believe what a wonderfully great job you guys have done with this game. The detail put in to this is just simply awesome. Im a big WW2 junkie and Im speachless.
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Old August 18th, 2012, 09:26 PM
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Default Re: 2 quick questions

1) AAA does hit that well, if you get close to the gun positions.

Many new players simply try to overfly the enemy with low-flying spotter planes, and that will end in tears.

The proper way to use them is to circle over your own lines, advancing a little each time till the enemy fires, then backing off. Then you plaster the area the AAA fired from with your arty, rinse and repeat (if you have the time).

They see rather well from up high, and see at a slant. Especially, they see stationary or even better, moving vehicles in the open.

Spotter planes are rather good for a defender, or if you are in a meeting engagement. That is because he is on the move, and so obvious to a spy in the sky. They are not that good at going in really close to find a dug-in defending sniper, since he has pals with AAA (usually).

They are useful against a human opponent even in the defence - since he will usually try to redeploy reserves, unlike the AI.

But if they were to be flying at an altitude to be out of light FLAK engagement zones then they would not be able to see very much of note from 10,000 feet or so. There is absolutely no point to flying right up to the enemy FLAK - unless you like them to commit suicide.

2) The AI has exactly the same hit chance as you. You just "emote" more when it does it to your troops than vice versa.

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