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Old February 22nd, 2013, 04:47 PM

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Default 28. Panzer-Division

The German' armed forces during WW2 had a lot of Panzer-Divisionen, some named and some just numbered. During the war the numbered Panzer-Divisionen ranged from the 1. to the 27. with the addition of the 178., 179. (reserves), 232., 233. (reserves) and 234. (reserves). Added to these were the named Panzer-Divisionen Clausewitz, Feldherrnhalle 1, Feldherrnhalle 2, Jüterburg, Kempf (W-SS & Heer), Kurmark, Panzer-Lehr and Müncheberg.

This AAR is about a fictious 28. Panzer-Division, created in October 1943 and seeing service either until the end of the war or until it's too weak to continue the fighting.

On September 24th 1943 it was decided to create a new type of Panzer-Division, consisting of the following:

1)-Panzer-Regiment (2 Panzer-Abteilungen - Panzer IV and Panther)
2)-Panzergrenadiär-Regiment (Gepanzert)
3)-Panzergrenadiär-Regiment (Motorisiert)
6)-Heeres FlaK Artillerie-Abteilung

2) consists of one battalion with halftracks and one battalion with trucks and three anti-tank guns.

3) consists of two battalions with trucks and a total of six anti-tank guns.

Each Panzergrenadiär-Regiment also contains six Infanterie-Geschütze (15 cm), twelve FlaK and finally six 8 cm and four 12 cm mortars.

I've still got to think about what will end up in the core formation, but all support units - except during Assault and Defend battles - will come out of the fictious 28. Panzer-Division. During Assault and Defend battles support units may also include heavy tanks and off-map artillery.

This AAR is also meant to be an AAR series that will take its time to be completed, regardless if it takes six months or three years. In other words, no rush on my side to complete it. Also, I'll keep the battle reports much more simple compared to my current AAR series, since this takes up way too much of my time and simply is too complicated. Instead I'll limit the battle reports to just the results, the current core formation and the next battle along with some pics of all the action.

My current AAR series is by the way pretty much finished, only the final assault on Berlin is remaining and that battle will have to wait for the time being. All the other battles have already been played and written down.

I hope you'll also enjoy this AAR series. I know I'll enjoy playing it and writing battle reports about it.

Cheers, Taskforce

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