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Old February 21st, 2017, 11:06 PM

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Default Re: HE Penetration

Malnourished, is that a preference setting or scenhack?
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Old February 21st, 2017, 11:08 PM

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Default Re: HE Penetration

Haw! The same thing could happen--and perhaps almost did--when a US 101st Airborne platoon mistook a German tank for friendly armor during their assault on Noville, January 15, 1945:

"The tank commander turned, and [Sgt] Alley realized he had mistaken a German tank for an American. The German swore, dropped into his tank, and began traversing his turret toward Alley and [Lt] Shames.

They said not a word to each other. They took off so fast they were kicking snow in the German's face. The tank followed. The Americans ran around a corner [and took cover]...

The tank turned the corner and drove right past Shames and Alley. It came to the place where 2d platoon was clearing out buildings, near the burned-out Shermans [from December's fighting]. [Sgt]Lipton and his men dived under the Shermans or ducked behind walls...The German tank stopped and, swiveling its turret, put a shell into each one of the knocked-out Shermans to prevent anyone from using their guns...as he drove past. Lipton recalled, "When those shells hit the Shermans, it felt to us under them that they jumped a foot in the air." The tank then retreated and was destroyed by a bomb from a P-47.

In the game a similar result might occur from a failed assault, or no assault at all, without casualties on either side.
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Old February 23rd, 2017, 11:41 PM
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Default Re: HE Penetration

Originally Posted by jp10 View Post
Malnourished, is that a preference setting or scenhack?
It's a threshold, when the troop quality (tq) setting on the Preference Menu is less than 30%, the units are malnourished. When the setting is set to 10%, they become cannibals. At this extreme low setting, as the opponent, don't come within one hex unit of them or else. Also, if you just leave them be, they'll "disband" themselves.

These settings are reflected by the squad's icons during game play. (see attachment)
On the left is a normal Russian infantry squad (tq>30%). In the middle, is a malnourished squad (30%>tq>10%). Notice the numbers are fewer as some have ran off looking for a cart-mule to eat. They're also a lot thinner and have lost their packs. On the far right are... (tq<10%)... It looks like some have lost a limb or two already. Run away!
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