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Old August 27th, 2016, 12:18 PM
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Default Sino-Soviet clash of 1929

Hello again

I decided to release this little scenario. It took me a while to test and tweak it. It is slightly unusual compared to the others at it covers relatively little known (and brief) Soviet-Chinese War of 1929 that took place in Manchuria.

I chose this conflict to at least mark that in the '20s and early '30s were also wars, more or less known to general audience. And given all those countries with detailed OOBs we have here... I want to make full of it!

I hope you like it and - as always - get me some feedback if you play it

Sino-Soviet Clash of 1929*
Date: July 1929*
Location: east of Harbin, Manchuria*
Type: Soviet assault vs. Chinese Warlord defence*
Design: Marcin "SaS TrooP" Kaluza*
CER, or Chinese Eastern Railway, was an imperial Russian enterprise of XIX century. An offshot from Transsiberial Railway, it was to serve as additional logistical line towards Vladivostok, as well as bolster trade with the Chinese.

However, after turmoil of World War I, situation of CER became unstable. To the north, Soviet Union was born on the ashes of RUssian Empire. New state was interested in proving that it is self-reliable and able to preserve its interests, as well as be leading proletary state. On the other hand, Chinese people to the south have also ended up with revolution, that saw the end of Qing Empire and the rule of Cixi (the Empress Dowager) and Yuan Shikai - the last actual emperor.

Newly proclaimed Republic of China (ROC, currently Taiwan) was very unstable, particularly due to so called Warlord Era. Even though government was meant to be centralized and unitary, every nobleman financed their own military and held actual control of certain territories. Furthermore, these Warlords were considered powerful enougih to self-negotiate treaties of international effect. Thus warlords effectively imported and exported goods and imported weapons and advisors from Weimar Republic, Japan, France, Great Britain etc.

According to Soviet and Chinese accords of 1924 and 1925, Chiense Eastern Railway was to remain under Soviet administration, in exchange of certain financial gains from the Chinese side. Back in 1929, Manchuria was under control of local warlord, Zhang Xueliang, who had several dozens of thousands of troops ready to keep control on his behalf. Importantly, Zhang was aware of increasing Japanese threat to the east, from occupied Korea. He was in dire need of financial boost and seizing the railway would allow him to be most powerful warlord.

When first incidents broke out (storting of Soviet consulate in Harbin, leaflets, shows of power), Zhang's troops moved in to seize parts of the railoard and force Soviets - expected to be unable of any effective action back then - to change traty of 1924 and ceede CER to the Chinese.

Soviets in response started to amss powerful forces on Manchurian border. First skirmishes broke out in July 1929. At first, Soviet movements were uncoordinated and stopped by warlord troops. But in August full offensive was launched. Warlord troops - used more to criminal activities rather than actual defence of the state - broke down quickly. Soldiers ran to the south, raping, killing civilians and stealing goods. On the other hand, surprisingly, Soviet troops behaved correctly and treated chinese population well.

After month of fighting, with Soviets occupying nearly 1/3 of his territory, Zhang was forced to ask for ceasefire. Under new accords, treaty of 1924 was kept in its original sounding, thus effectively securing Soviet administration over CER.

This scenario is semi-fictional and represents early stage of that conflict, when troops of Manchurian Warlord Zhang Xueliang attacked and briefly occupied fragments of Manchurian Railways, administered by the Soviets.

You have a battalion of Soviet infantry with artillery and armoured cars support. Your task is to clear a hill of Chinese warlord troops presence and reclaim the railway on your sector. We expect Chinese are well dug in and ready for combat, but we expect their morale and fight will is very low. When in doubt, use your artillery, machineguns and vehicles to push them out. Your battalion is well equipped with weapons and ammo. Chinese equipment varries from unit to unit, so be prepared for everything.

Source: The Internet*
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