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Old June 21st, 2003, 02:10 AM
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Default about the world of the MOTMA (don\'t post here)

this is for keeping track of scholars, their works, history, happenings, geology, characters and stuff. if you have suggestions, pm please. puns are allowed in rp, just don't go overboard or i shall hammer. new bio, Arther. this will get updated with more recent stuff. within a few days. i really, really, was going to update. but my brother got the warcraft III:frozen throne and then i reinstalled two games i really like. bad mousy. i really will update. updating. really. ok, some updates. after i've gone through the role-play to where i left of Last time, i'll look through the recruiting thread. RL soon.

anything with a ? in front of it is tentavily in the world.
anything with a ? after it is etheir a question or information that may not be certain.
anything with ?? in front of it is being considered for inclusion.
anything with a > in front of it is rare

within the Last few days, the land within at least ?fifty to ??two hundred miles of the first camp was being reshaped, ?perhaps by a powerful group of ??wizards known as the makers, perhaps by an unstable sphere of change which has since been nullified. nothing seems to be changing now.
narp lost a shield within a few days? walk of the first camp.
there's alot of wolves within within a few days walk of the first camp. presumably the second to.
the second camp, above the labrynth, is perhaps ?twenty miles from the first camp
for information on the successor of emporor pesci, click >here<
the mad emporor ester meddled so much with the weather a thirty to fifty thousand years ago that weather magic is still unpredictable on this continent and probably others, although the weather meddling has made sea travel difficult and little is known about other continents. with all the changes, it's probably gotten worse. most good weather mages do stuff to put things back on track, so most of what they do isn't noticable. so, if someones doing weather magic, they've either got a very good reason, very good control, or are villians.

random people and stuff:
stodar the able, ruler.
anywil of anble.
lost king of kentovia. ??it's his grave that's lost.
ancient scrolls of encilada.
enchanted axe of entilda, not much is known among most people, even scholars. ?entidla is a thing, not a person. ??perhaps a spell.
the old kingdom of hincidia is particularly interesting, scholarly speaking, and not much is known even among scholars.
the search for the hyncida.

there are occasional, intelligent animals.

>wizards can live thousands of years; no more question mark.
Mage as yet unnamed, pehaps dead. he has animation spells, land shaping spells, teleportation spells and 3d scrying spells. he originaly tried to hustle narp, D and jack into going into a cave to get some spheres of stability. he is possibly unstable. he has an armor spell that is based off of powered armor from science fiction - increased strength, increased speed, tactical display, magical resistence.

land reshaping is resisted by life energy, of which senteint being have the most, next animals, next plants. normal land reshaping Lasts perhaps a few days or weeks.
spheres of stability can stabalize an area of five miles against land shaping spells. they can't be teleported except with specailized spells.
spheres of change create random, stable changes in an area of five miles.
unstable spheres of change create increasingly larger and more unstable changes ??until they eventually 'blow up, creating very disasterious changes for ??two hundred miles to ??two thousand miles.
animated stone is softer than normal stone.
summoning a griffin with certain materials click [url=http://www.shrapnelgames.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=60;t=000159;p=3]
life energy can be used to power spells, but it resists. the spheres encountered recently were powered by life energy, were unstable and had to be stabilized with five spheres of stability.

>psionists are capable of enhancing their strength and speed by enhancing there neural signals, however they can't do it for long. Telepathy is capable of diverting dangerous objects fast. telepathy can effect animals, large Groups of people a little or one person a lot.

>Psi; no name as yet. is capable of telekinisis, telepathy and low level clairaudience. tends to try to control people or bLast them; evil. leads a group of bandits of about ?350 member's and has a preying mantis-like large bug about ?8 feet long and 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. ?is not as massive as that sounds because bug legs add to that, however is still large and heavy.

player characters:
D is wise and mysterious. he is currently our stuffed dummy because david has real life interfering and cannot participate. he has scying, invisibility, silence spells and intrusion-detection spells. >he can also lower and raise his weight.

Narp informally trained to be a scholar before he became a fighter. as a scholar he is skilled, researches eclecticly but throughly and without regard of importance - although a book with ten chapters on snow strained even his eclecticism. he also talks alot, randomly and enthueseasticly once he gets going. his knowledge is through but scattered through many fields. >he has burried and new fears of getting lost and wolves due to getting lost for five days and getting attacked by wolves for ?five days.
as a fighter, he's logical, effiecent and skilled and is logical in his speach. if in close contact with wolves, he'll probably display more aggresive tendencies. see above.
narp has read one of estaf's works, it had ten chapters on snowflakes and the rest was weather effects. he can now spot some weather effects.
>Narp's arrows are protected by a hard, flat case. although it can't hold more than 24 arrows. the arrows are held by a simple mechanism that realeases individualy when you push down steadily.
>Narp's pack contains a pan, 8 knives; a large machette-like knife, a small four inch long, one inch wide knife suitable as a screw driver.

Arthur: Arthur was an apprenticed magician under his father, but his father's death prevented him from fulfilling all the obligations of his apprenticeship. Forced to study on his own, he has traveled most of the world over. His interaction with others was limited by the peculiar rules of his guild, which resulted in his being driven out of nearly every place he visited. The recent changes in the world resulted in his developing a subconscious use of weather magic. He is currently on a quest to fulfill the conditions of his apprenticeship so he can seek training with a guild panel.

The Morquin Guild: This guild is one of the three most prestigious guilds in the plane. It is comprised of members from twelve "clans," which are divisions of one of the ancient families. Arthur belongs to the First Clan, which is traditionally the ruling clan, although his father was a third-born and he is a second-born, which usually prevents them from being chosen for leadership. The Guild is known for its lengthy volumes of rules which bind its members.

Guild Interaction:To resolve disputes between their members, each of the top three guilds nominates a member for the rank of Grand High Master Wizard. The three candiates fight, either to the death or the surrender of two nominees, and the victor is awarded the position, which is for life. Rellath was the Last Grand High Master Wizard from the Morquin Guild; his term began about forty thousand years ago, and Lasted for about ten thousand years. Rellath was a First Clansman, but was only distantly related to Arthur.

oridice strongly resists magic and combining with other materials.
nydium is chemically and magically reactive.
they can be combined with a spell of characteristic balance, made so that the part to balance the magical resistances is stronger and goes off first.

>?Alchemists produce potions, lotions, dusts, flours and smokes that have various effects on people, animals and terrian features, but not magical ones. ?in order from easy to hard: various sorts of fireworks with to many levels to put down, various life-extending mixtures; again with many levels. light bases, light acids, small fireballs, light healing potions; although slower than magical healing, they can be carried and are reletivily easy to make, damping flour; light, light attribute enhancements; strength, speed, intelligence,etc, medium bases, medium acids, medium fireballs, light sense enhancers; eye's, ear's, mouth, touch and nose, medium healing potions, medium attribute enhancements, damping powder; heavy, ingredients are expensive, heavy bases, heavy acids, large fireballs, heavy healing potions, heavy attribute enhancements, damping dust; legendary, only the best alchemists can make it and the ingredients are said to be extremely rare, but only the best wizards can dispel it.

a crenequin is a crossbow.
>there are auto-firing crossbow's.

there are minataur's. the one so far encountered seems reletivily calm, with only rudeness that can be put down to prolonged confinement. after he got out, he was pretty calm. to preserve the pg rating, minataur's wear pants.

scholars and there works:
estaf known for asying, after eight hours of sitting and watching snow drift down 'you can take notes anytime'. after doing that for a few years, he started work on 'a short treatise on snowflakes'

exactly why he started is not known, although some people say it had something to do with his crowning acheivement 'an overview of the natural forces of the world'. snowflakes get a brief mention of ten chapters. it's a forty volume work and each book is eight thousand pages.

jack's world:
collected information on jack's world.

wizard'd belong to wizard's guild's.
an apprenticed wizard gets an apprentishpip sigil from his master.
wizards can live thousands of years.

jack's master was trying to kill him. jack, being niave and a prodigy at magic, didn't realize this.

Jack isn't from around here - he's from another plane entierly, and was presumably brought in by the same changes that were destabilizing the landscape. He is quite the prodigy at magic, but is surprisingly naive for being four hundred years old. He has a large repetior of spells, and is specifically good at teleportation and various forms of meta-magic (magic that affects magic: combining spells, reading enchantments, making enchantments, breaking enchantments, modifying spells, and the like).

Orginizational Affiliations:
Jack has served 300 years of apprenticeship to his (as yet unnamed) master. Jack's master wants very much to kill Jack, and has been trying to do so throughout Jack's apprenticeship; but he can't figure out to succeed. Jack views these attempts on his life as tests of his knoweledge, and is blissfully unaware that his master wants to kill him, totally regardless of any evidence presented.

Noticably missing from his repetoir: spells involving planar travel, shaping terrain, orgainic conjourations, destructive spells

Spells that have come up as being in Jack's repetoir: Illusions, teleportation, golem creation (recent; learned by watching a mage in the Labyrinth), a strength/speed enhancing spell (which gives the victim a nasty hangover for several hours after the adreniline rush goes away), local (a dozen pace radius) weather control, healing spells, curative spells, conjourings of simple objects, a barrier spell, levitation, food creation (very bland), some information spells, construction spells (produces permanent objects of any shape or size which are naturally invisible; enchantments can be added fairly simply during construction, but it takes a fair amount of time to produce), time bending (recent aquisition from a book in a Labryinth), the Harnessed Uncertainty Gem enchantment, a tag spell (allows retrieval of a tagged object from any distance through virtually any barrier); any of which can be enchanted into an object, given time.

Significant Items Jack Carries:
Magic Cot: This item is used as a bed; when unrolled, it levitates in place producing a very comfortable place to sleep.
Harnessed Uncertainty Jewels: These items produce unlimited energy for a mage to use, and can be linked into from a distance (Jack still has acess to his master's). The eventual amount harvested from them is infinite; however, the rate is limited based on the quality of the enchantment and the size of the jewel. Jack has them mounted on rings which he wears.
Wooden disks: Jack keeps these in a pouch in his robe; they are simple wooden coins for practicing enchantments.

The world Jack comes from:
Jack's world is run by a council of mages whose goal is to foster the exchange of information, spells, and techniques; they are very good at it. Due to the efforts of the Council, secretive mages can't compete on that plane (which also reduces the number of villans, as they love secrecy; not sharing makes them outnumbered and outgunned). Mages of various types rarely cooperate.

the council was started to oust an evil mage by the name of thozray who had taken over the world.

Orginization of Magic in Jack's world:
Wizards join guilds to aid in their own betterment, but there is a long apprenticeship process (700 years minimum, normally runs for seven thousand years) after which is a test before a person can become a journyman. To become an apprentice, a person must get hold of a wizard's apprenticeship sigil; the method is unimportant. Jack stole his master's out of his master's tower.
The Spell Journals: Produced by the Council, these are a method of encouraging information sharing amongst mages and wizards; the criteria for recieving the Journals and having access to the archives is submitting articles occasionally; this also allows acess to the archives for any apprentices the mage or wizard may have..

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If I only could remember half the things I'd forgot, that would be a lot of stuff, I think - I don't know; I forgot!
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