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Old July 14th, 2005, 06:47 PM
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Default Re: Scenario proposals

How about NVA sypathizers are on the crash site examining the wreckage and trying to salvage the 105mm gun. Purchase the Gun using the NVA forces but remove all weapons, ammo and reduce the crew to to number of enemy civilians working on the gun. Also set the units move to 0 so they can't run away.

This would explain the enemy flagged 105 unit and allow US forces to engage it. Add a VH under it so that they have to move a unit there to simulate actual spiking of the gun.
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Old July 15th, 2005, 02:02 PM

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Default Re: Scenario proposals

You can always have the transport helo come in very late in the game, say 1-3 turns before the game would end. The helo has to come in, load the persons, and get out to succeed.
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Old July 16th, 2005, 03:01 PM

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Default Re: Scenario proposals

Here is another scenrios proposal, hope this is the sort of thing that is required

Ambush convoy.

Description: “Classic” ambush scenario. Intelligence has revealed an increase in activity along a particular route. Seek out and destroy any enemy convoys that are located.

Set up: See below for set up options that effect difficulty. General setup would find the player in semi-ready position, deployed away from the LZ ready for the ambush, The player would maybe required to reposition some units. Enemy convoy would be approx two turns away from the player. Objection would be for the player to preserve his force whilst focusing his fire on the “high value” targets. Eg ammo trucks, staff car, AA units etc.

Extraction of the forces would be on a pre-determined round, this the helos in a “landed” status at the LZ site.

Scaling difficulty.

To achieve the different difficulty, the starting location of the forces could be varied. As mentioned by narwan, increasing the quality and quantity of troops would also be an option. Other ideas include--

High difficulty: Mission starts with your forces scattered around LZ, with damaged and/or destroyed helos. The intelligence was incorrect and it was a trap. The mission now becomes a defend scenario. Until reinforcement helos arrive to extract the player

Medium: Late at LZ so forces are incorrectly positioned for the ambush. Time would be of high importance in achieving a Decisive victory. Additional reinforcements for convoy, once attacked? There could also be more than one convoy. Perhaps the other convoy is“returning” empty with a lower point value?

Easy: correctly landed at LZ, little or no reinforcement for enemy. Possible artillery and/or helo gunship support.

I imagine that this would be a T1 or T2 scenario. (platoons/company level) the possibilities of this mission effecting another are varied. For example, “empty” convoy destroyed, little or now effect in the following scenario, convoy destroyed gives major benefits (next mission enemy has lower ammo? For example). Little or no effect on convoy would result in a less effect of the above. AA targets destroyed, no AA cover for the following mission.
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