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Old March 1st, 2011, 01:03 AM
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Post Conquer The World In March With The Gamers Front Special!
Press Release Teaser: ATF: Armored Task Force And World Supremacy On Sale All Month Long!   

Conquer The World In March With The Gamers Front Special!
ATF: Armored Task Force And World Supremacy On Sale All Month Long!

Cary, NC, 01 March 2011

March roars in like a lion with the newest Monthly Special offerings from the Gamers Front, the Shrapnel Games online store. All month long gamers can experience the thunder and lightning of modern warfare, from the individual tank to entire armies, at specially discounted prices. In March we are offering ProSIM’s ATF: Armored Task Force and Malfador Machination’s World Supremacy at reduced prices.

ATF: Armored Task Force, rated a respectable 88% at PC Gamer and a top pick at Combatsim.com, is a detailed simulation of modern land warfare developed by ProSIM. Allowing gamers to fight around the world in a variety of situations with a focus on armored operations, ATF: Armored Task Force takes computer wargaming to heights not usually climbed by taking full advantage of what a computer can do for a wargame.

No longer are you restricted to a hex map! Using real world digital elevation models of actual terrain, accurate down to meters, units move as they move in reality. This even means that putting a tank into a hull down position means actually finding a spot in which it can be done. You’ll learn to view the battlefield in ways other than a collection of movement point values.

Continuous real-time (with pausable order input) gameplay! Real-time strategy doesn’t have to be a dirty phrase. Instead of being restricted to IGOUGO the action never stops. Even better, units move like they do in real life. So when a tank starts to move it’ll move at a different speed on a road than through a forest, as opposed to simply counting off movement points.

High fidelity combat modeling along with variable command and control. Detailed weapon statistics and combat resolutions means individual systems can be damaged and destroyed. It also means real world tactics apply, so rear shots are preferable to frontal shots, and units will pop smoke. Variable levels of command and control allow the player to command all friendly forces at once, or drill down and command individual units while letting the AI control the remainder.

ATF: Armored Task Force is available for Windows only as a download. Normally sells for $29.95, all month long you can get it for the low price of $24.95. Check out details of the game and download a demo here:


Malfador Machinations, developer behind the fantastic smash-hit Space Empires franchise, has moved from conquering galaxies to conquering the world in their latest title. World Supremacy, for one to eight players, is a beer and pretzels game of peace through superior firepower.

Inspired by classic board games, World Supremacy is a traditional game of light grand strategy. Turn based, players command fictional nations set in a randomized world. Gameplay revolves strictly around conquering enemy and neutral nations; this is not a game of diplomacy, economic races, or building the shiniest memorial. A simple economic system allows armies, navies, air forces, and even nuclear weapons to be built while a simplified research tree allows multiple upgrade levels. Military units are based off of contemporary technology, so expect to fight with fighter jets, choppers, attack submarines, and more.

Besides a random map ensuring a new play experience with each session, players can modify many starting variables, further adding to the replayability. Being a Malfador Machination game though the changes don’t stop there. Most aspects of the game are completely moddable, including the ability to create specific map sets or tweak unit balance.

World Supremacy is a great game for anyone looking for a grand strategy game set in the modern era. Playable in a single session, endless variations, highly modable, and supporting up to seven other opponents, World Supremacy needs to be on your hard drive.

World Supremacy is available as a download for Windows. On sale all March for only $24.95, a savings of five dollars from its normal retail price. Read more about the game and try out the demo here:


Visit our Monthly Special page at the Gamers Front to purchase these titles:


Please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com for a complete listing of our award-winning independent strategy titles. Bringing you the very best in niche gaming on the Intertubes since last century, our latest releases include the critically acclaimed Bronze and World Supremacy, currently on sale.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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