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Old March 3rd, 2016, 09:19 PM
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Default Deployment help needed

I need your help with the deployment of the Soviet forces in this scenario. It does not matter if you are experienced in scenario design or new to it.

1) Buy the Soviet forces.
2) Deploy them on map. Maybe set waypoints.
3) Save the scenario and upload it here.


The initial Soviet objective is Elvenes, a small village near Kirkenes.

Norwegian forces in the area are of unknown strength but believed to be of reduced regimental size. They are known to be poorly equipped and the least trained soldiers in Europe.

Soviet forces for the offensive are drawn from the 52nd Rifle Division supported by the 411th Separate Tank Battalion (15 T-26 and 15 T-38).

Other Soviet forces are at this time bound in defence of Murmansk or in operations against Finnish units in the Petsamo sector.

The terrain in the north is very difficult for military operations. There are numerous hills, patches of rough terrain, areas of deep snow, bogs and bodies of water not frozen solid, plenty of dwarf size birch trees, all making the use of motorised forces bound to the few roads. The time of year allows for basically no daylight. During the middle of the day the sky turns a murky grey allowing limited visibility.


November 30, 1939 – The Soviet Union invades Finland. Strong Pro-Finnish statements from the governments of France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and Norway.

December 2, 1939 – Sweden begins mobilising of the division size formations V. and VI. Fördelningarna.

December 3, 1939 – Norway begins mobilising units of the 6. divisjon, dedicated to the defence of northern Norway.

December 5, 1939 – Elements of the Swedish I1 and I14 infantry regiments disembark from navy warhips on Åland. Sweden assumes responsibility for the defence of the islands, still part of Finland. The Soviet Union protests.

December 6, 1939 – the invading Soviet forces in Finland reach the Mannerheim line.

December 10, 1939 – news of successful Finnish defensive actions are broadcasted across the world.

December 14, 1939 - The Soviet Union is excluded from the Leauge of Nations. The Swedish government considers the situation to be in line with the 1937 plan Krigsfall I - “Sweden is best defended together with Finland in Finland”. Orders are given for the recently mobilised V. and VI Fördelningarna to start moving into Finland. Elements of the Swedish 1. Armékåren and the forces on Gotland begin mobilising. Sharp statements of a possible intervention on the side of the Finns come from Paris and London.

December 15, 1939 – the Soviet 14th Army operating in the Petsamo region is alerted for a possible operation against Kirkenes, Norway - in order to prevent a possible intervention of Western powers.

December 30, 1939 - a string of Finnish victories have temporarily stopped the Soviet invasion. A considerable number of regular Swedish troops are now inside Finland, the first battalions moving up to relive Finnish units in the Märkäjärvi sector. Further threats of a Franco-British intervention into Finland are made.

December 31, 1939 – The Soviet 14th Army is ordered to attack into the Finnmark region of Norway and capture Kirkenes. This in order to prevent the western powers from staging forces in Norway close to the Petsamo battlefield.

January 2, 1940 - Soviet forces cross the border into Norway.
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