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Old November 17th, 2017, 05:07 AM

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Fallout Re: MBT's

The following are to be an update and FYI future.

1) T-14 further confirmation that the T-14 won't be operational until earliest 2018+ and second ref. acts as an updated tech/data for the T-14 which makes this the second or third update thus far. Still showing as a prototype tank.
"What makes the 2018-2027 armaments program so special is the conversion of experimental products still in the testing phase into serial ones. This applies to Armata, the T-14 main battle tank, the frontline aviation system (T-50/PAK-FA - Mine), the new generation long-range aircraft and many other items, he said. (Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin - Mine)"

2) T-90S Looks like Russia is finally going to sell this tank to Iraq in the near future. Good thing we didn't sell them our top tier ABRAMS now that the Russians are "nosing" around. The contract is now in the implementation phase.

3) Well we'll likely not see this game wise even if it does get done as currently planned, but India has apparently woken up to the fact they can't do the multi-purpose Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV) on their own. That's progress for them. Theirs LONG been distrust from the Army concerning DARDO their developmental group that produced the ARJUN MkI and soon the MkII tanks. Notice who one of the four they're interested in is. as recently discussed in my last above.

4) BTR-60PB - Concerning the ref. below, the information concerning the use of the T-54A is incorrect. There is no record of them (Cuba) receiving the T-54 in any variant. They did receive the following from the SIPRI database from the Soviet Union (Yes they make that distinction from Russia.)
(25) T-55 Tank O-1981 D-1981 (25) Second-hand; incl some T-54T ARV That was the last T-55 shipment to Cuba.

Also while I'm on it this is the other BTR-60 variant Cuba received...
(10) BTR-60P APC O-(1984) D-1985-1986 (10) BTR-60PU-12 CP version; for use with 9K35 (SA-9) SAM systems

Other tanks ordered were the IS-2/SU-100/T-34/85/PT-76 and as also already mentioned the T-62 as ordered in 1984 and delivered btwn 1984-1988 (Last and final shipment to Cuba from the Soviet Union. With NONE from Russia.)

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