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Old June 9th, 2015, 11:09 AM

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Fallout Re: WinSPMBT version 9.1 Upgrade patch ( May 2015)

I found it in the "WinSPMBT version 7.0 Upgrade patch" thread (And apparently the warning was in the previous years patch as well about the file path change.) in Post #35 and to either side of it for the "what's going on & how to" posts.
Anyway for us "old fashioned" kind've guys, when asked what directory/file you want the update to go too, follow the highlighted portion below...

My hint of the "right path" in my post was correct. The path that came up was noted in #5 of my post as well. The fix after Andy's answer pointed me to Mobhack from last years patch addressing Win 7 and Vista download file issues. The following has to be inserted for XP (And prior?) before the FINAL STEP in the download process as follows for both WinSPMBT and WinSPWW2...
C:\Program Files\... downloads to both games done started OOB checks for WinSPMBT, new equipment is there. Don't know about game play but if the first two steps are met the rest should be fine as well."

Well look at the bright side after I start up my new system and Win 8.1 and 10 kicks my "donkey" around for awhile I won't be asking this question again (hopefully), here I'll do it for you both thanks again for the third time.

Don that pointing to files stuff, very dangerous, like shooting myself in the foot type dangerous. The only place I'm good at pointing with is my weapon down range (And not at my feet.) and it was another year of expert shooting. Not bad for a guy with only one good eye. If life converges on a range someday I'll already be giving you a "handicap" advantage and we'll shoot for a case of something. Bold I know but, I know you Canadians are pretty good shots.

Even though the build was to my spec, I think I'll stare at my new computer for another week and hopefully by then I'll have convinced it to submit to my will!?! Yeah the "donkeys" coming.


"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

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