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Old February 4th, 2007, 04:16 PM

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Default New scenario UK Vs Iraq 1991

Looking for people to give my second scenario a try (I intend to update my first one soon!)

Scenrio file found here----


I`ve also posted this over at http://www.gamesquad.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64465
Campaign Teaser!?


Date: January 1991**

Location: Iraqi Desert

Designed By: Paul "Dita" Wykes*

Historical Overview: SAS operations in the Gulf during the 1991 Conflict. Using there modified Land Rovers operations included identifying targets for air strike, targets of opportunity and Scud "busting"

Secret operations of the SAS by Mike Ryan used for some reference

Following from the scenario text----

SAS in the Gulf*

UK vs .Iraqi*

Somewhere in Iraq*
January 1991*
Turns: 10*
Scenario Size: Small**

Designed by: Paul "dita" Wykes**

Upon entering enemy territory you group quickly makes haste to a predetermined oasis to make camp.*

___a. Enemy Forces*
_____None are know to be present*

___b. Friendly Forces*
_____Three Teams of SAS equiped with Modified PVs with Millan II*

___c. Attachments/Detachments*

___Secure the Oasis and the surrounding area. This will enable a secure place for further operations*

___No enemy presence in the area.


This is an example first scenario in what I aim to be a series of 4(ish) scenarios linked in a campaign. This scenario is currently very rough, so any suggestions most welcome. (testers?)

I managed a draw.........Some perhaps some balancing needs doing....Or perhaps I`m not very good at playing my own scenarios!!

Saved as scenario 240
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Old February 5th, 2007, 12:09 PM
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Default Re: New scenario UK Vs Iraq 1991

Hi Dita

I just has a quick attempt at your scenario.
I managed a Marginal win. I could do much better if I played it again.

Good effort.
Some points, if you are interested.

Many of the Iraqi units never moved. The Panhard(?) armoured cars and an AFV in the south,
Some scouts bypassed the north flag that I had turned British. Why did they not attempt to turn the flag back to Iraqi as they went past? That's quite strange.

The idea is good, especially for a campaign.
I have made two SAS scenarios for MBT. it is not easy to get that tpye of special forces action correct for a game that is meant for big armoured battles!

I feel that you have made the Iraqi force too strong, especially after mentioning many times that there are no enemy in the area.

If I were that SAS team I would have done a quick scout and seen the enemy...and then left for a different location.
Those SAS units were never meant to drive into situations like that with all guns blazing, maybe back in WW2 when they were raiding Rommel's airfields, but not in Iraq in '91.

I suggest that the scenario would be better, more realistic and more fun if there was twice as many turns (an estimate only) so that you could employ much more SAS-type, sneaky tactics. This would be even more important if it was the first scenario of a campaign. If I were doing it, I would not allow the player any repair points. This would force them to be super sneaky with their forces. That would be more realistic and very difficult as every man lost would be irreplaceable, just like Real Life.

That is my suggestion.

Also, earn how to use the "way points" so you may set the defenders to move where you wish them to. There are many tricks to designing a good scenario or campaign.
It is good to practice and get the timing of events and balance of units correct. You must play-test the game many times to see all the possibilities.

A good effort.
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Old February 5th, 2007, 12:56 PM

lopezonline lopezonline is offline
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Default Re: New scenario UK Vs Iraq 1991

I just played it i manged to pull off marginal victory (i supose loosing one of my Land Rovers cost me Decisive...) I had only one destroyed LR and one damged LR - both in ambush. It's quite easy to win here, just use fire superority of LR with vision 40, i formed defensive perimeter on south side of the hill - to the south west of that lake, deployed smoke, used my SAS for recon, and LR for suprresive fire ant ATGM to kill armour. Fix, flank, and finish for first rounds i only concentrated on depleting op4 then i moved to obj and took them using LR's. BRDM's where unplesant suprise as the killed leading LR with 14.5mm machin gun. Rest of Iraqi amrored force where just sitting ducks for my ATGM's - vision 40 rocks All in all - nice scenario - keep up the good work. As for realism of such raid... i supose it's realistic if you think of it as iraqi ambush... Sorry for my english i'm just learing it
I agree that giving more time would be nice, and would allow to use some sneaky tactics, but as i said, i think of it as ambush so thinking fast is esential here.
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Old February 5th, 2007, 03:20 PM

dita dita is offline
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Default Re: New scenario UK Vs Iraq 1991

Thanks for the feed back.

A couple of things. I`ve fixed the iraqi forces to simulate an ambush/at rest force, perhaps fixing all the forces puts too much of a limit.

The Iraqi scout section has waypoints set to come from the Northern edge to come over the hill towards the oasis. I may have set the VH on the hill to low so the AI ignores it!!! Does the AI follow the waypoints regardless of VH conditions? I don’t think so? Any suggestions?

As a starting scenario to a campaign the idea is that the player is not expecting such a force in the area. The Iraqi reserve troops caught taking a "rest" at the oasis so the two forces clash.

The campaign narrative would then go on to describe what had just happened....

My original briefing did mention forces to the very far north but are believed to be no threat, as to at least “hint” there maybe trouble, but I dropped that out to enable the “complete” surprise element.

I think I was perhaps a bit to inspired by such WW2 SAS antics! Although one account I`ve read does describe an Iraqi scout column approaching a SAS column in the gulf believing to be friendly, needless to say, the SAS took on the force….

Other scenarios I`m thinking about is observation/air strike on a convoy (will really have to master waypoints here!) and attack on SAM site/Scud site.

Wll certainly use the experiment with turn increases.
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