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Old May 6th, 2019, 09:37 AM

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Default Tactics/Strategy thread

I plan on writing some strategy guides and analyzing the specific match ups in the future.

Please use this thread to publish your strategies or tips regarding Steel Panthers.

I start with one artillery loading tip, that is quite gamey and probably not realistic at all, but quite possible and effective in the use of steel panthers (particularly in MBT).

Take 4 rocket launchers, preferable as 2 units of 2 and position all of them as spreaded out as possible, but so that they can reach 2 spreaded out ammo depot in one go.

Position two of those launchers we call "shock launchers" so that when positioning two ammo trucks next to each of them, the ammo trucks can each travel to a different field gun in one turn.

Start the salvoes, and keep launching salvoes for three or four turn with the "shock launchers" the trucks are reloading as there are no possible counter battery fire in the early turns of the game and there are no other units the trucks can reload.

After this, move the trucks to reload the field guns that have already spent some ammo and after they have been reloaded (in the same time they do barrage) move to the next ones that are positioned in the similar way.

Also move the "shock launchers" to the ammo depots to reload them with. After this, continue to use the depots and travel to launch the further salvoes always from the different positions to not give away the position of the depots.

The other two rocket launchers (not the shock ones, but the ones without ammo trucks) will go to reload to those depots after they have launched their first salvoes and reload before it's the shock launchers turn to reload. Continue using these two depots taking turns with the shock launchers and the other two launchers for rest of the game and prioritize for possible helicopters.

This is the most effective use of the rocket launchers and giving salvo to a critical position in each of the early turns can be even game changing.

In the late game (or earlier if feel like the risk is worth it) position the lauhchers next to a ammo suply / depot, and fire every turn.

This is probably not realistic though, as i cannot imagine the rocket launchers firing missiles in the same time they are reloading, but this have been used against me, and i have been using it against the same opponent with this (more effective) variation in the game.

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