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Old October 13th, 2007, 07:12 AM

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Default A Role playing MA Pangaea Faction

Hi all.

New update - version 1.02 - 23 April 2013 !

I came recently back to Dominions 3 and update my old mod: Pangaea Improved.

Here is in attachment mod of an improved Pangaea for all Eras. "Improved" means with a lot of more sprites and units.
The main goal of Pangaea Imp(roved) is to enhance the roleplaying potential, keeping the gameplay as it is in Vanilla.

Here is a list of the new units and modifications for middle Era :
- Harpies : New sprites (I don't like the actual).
- Dryad Slinger : I think dryads aren't the only White Dryad we can recruit in Pangaea Forests. Dryads will help their satyrs cohabitants with slingers.
- Female Minotaur : Same caracteristics as minotaur, cosmetic.
- Female Centaur : Same caracteristics as Centaur Archer, cosmetic.

- Black Harpies : sprites change.
- Satyr Hunter : A stealthy satyr scout.
- Satyr Commander : Good commander and fighter for our satyrs army.
- "Wild" Satyr : With the version 3.10 of dominions come another satyr... But for Pythium. I integrate it as a regular commander of MA Pangaea.
- Satyr Elder : Old satyr who use little nature path, and maybe earth magic.
- Dryad "acolyte" : Young brown dryad. Use nature magic to help sacred white dryads.
- Minotaur Matron : Same caracteristics as minotaur lord, but with a maul.
- Centaur Chief : Leader of Centaurs Warriors.
- Centaur Hierophant : A female centaur commander, plus a berserk centaur hierophant who can lead sacred white centaurs.
- Paniic Mother : Loks like a Pan but don't attract maenads and with a emphasis on nature and healing (yes I know it's not very useful for Pangaea). Capital Only.
- Sultry Dryad : Dryad who can seduce men. Relatively weak and capital only. For RP essentialy.

A new pretender :
- White Pan : The most powerfull and respected of Panii.

A few new sites related to Pangaea

Early Pangaea and Late Pangaea also receive some improvements, a very few of them with more impact on gameplay (Black dryad are no more capital only for exemple).

Here is a look on the recruitment panel for Middle Pangaea:

Of course, remarks, new ideas, bug and errors reports are welcome.
I hope you enjoy it.
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File Type: 7z PangaeaImproved_v102.7z (79.0 KB, 292 views)

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