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Old September 21st, 2011, 12:02 AM
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Post Summer’s End Signals Super Shrapnel Savings!
Press Release Teaser: Ten Days Of Discounted Titles At Shrapnel Games!   

Summer’s End Signals Super Shrapnel Savings!
Ten Days Of Discounted Titles At Shrapnel Games!

Cary, NC, 21 September 2011

Summer is ending and here comes fall. Leaves turning colors, chill in the air, satellites plummeting from the sky, all the usual. Did you know that 8 out of 10 made up people tend to suffer from the horrors of Seasonal Transition Depression, also known as STD? If you are one of the unlucky ones to be touched by STD, fear not, for Shrapnel Games has an injection of the best cure for what ails you: cheap gaming.

For the next ten days Shrapnel Games is discounting every currently available title in our catalog. That’s right, save on everything from A (Air Command 3.0) to W (winSPMBT) and the lot in between. Your STD worries will soon disappear as you realize that indeed, money does buy you happiness. Happiness in the form of the best in independent and award-winning strategy games.

Check out what type of deals you can get from now until September 30th:

Save $6.00 on:

Dominions 3: The Awakening. All out fantasy warfare. Mod friendly. Not friendly to having a social life. Give yourself over to the dark god you call Dominions 3: The Awakening. The Blood God hungers!

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War. The story of what happens when an angry kitty eats the leader of the DPRK. Total warfare on the peninsula in this intense real-time strategy game of modern warfare.

Salvo! You know what the problem is with wooden ships and canvas sails? They tend to catch on fire. Send your opponents to Davey Jones’ locker in this thrilling wargame of 17th through 19th century Age of Sail combat on the high seas.

Save $5.00 on:

Air Assault Task Force. Whup whup whup whup whup. “How can you shoot women and children?” “Easy, you just don’t lead them so much!” Who doesn’t like helicopters? Even better, helicopters swooping out of the sky and creating havoc? From Vietnam to Afghanistan, airmobile operations in this realistic wargame.

The Falklands War: 1982. After the great Polar Bear/Penguin Conflict, which sent the penguins into exile to the south Pole, they soon learned they couldn’t get a break as their peaceful island homes were overrun by sheep and British paras. Who dares wins? Why, you do, in this exciting game of one of the most undergamed modern conflicts.

The Star and the Crescent. Sure, maybe you’d like to see peace in the Middle East but peace doesn’t sell in wargames, which is why no one plays The Reconstruction of Europe Post World War Two. The Star and the Crescent covers historical and hypothetical wargaming between the Arabs and Israelis.

Air Command 3.0. Originally titled Hair Command and featuring six different styles of hair, the name was later changed and from it was born the air traffic control game everyone knows and loves today.

Space HoRSE. He comes from beyond the stars with a message of hope. It is the Space HoRSE, of course, of course. This classic remake of the classic M.U.L.E. will have you fondly remembering the days of 8-bit computers and logging into a BBS on a 300 baud modem for ASCII porn.

Save $4.00 on:

ATF: Armored Task Force. Because Unarmored Task Force isn’t a very exciting simulation. Command tanks and bring down the hammer of justice on all those who stand in your path. Intense and realistic, this is a wargamer’s wargame.

Bronze. Eurogaming on your PC. And you don’t have to worry about losing any of your meeples. Fast paced tile laying game of area conquest. Bronze is the new gold.

World Supremacy. So one day you’re sitting around minding your own business when you’re invaded by a horde of tanks. What do you do? Why, take the world over! Blending sensible beer and pretzels board gaming with computer gaming, World Supremacy is a violent romp of domination.

winSPMBT and winSPWW2. You could spend oodles of cash on 1/285 scale armor miniatures and diorama supplies or you could just play winSPMBT (modern) and winSPWW2 (gee, you think maybe WW2?) for all your tactical wargaming needs. Or you could try combining the two but we've found that the minis tend to gum up the USB ports.

War Plan Pacific. The Pacific War on meth without the rotting teeth and bleeding skin ulcers. Refight the whole war (well, from the Allied entry) until 1945 in a single session. Command fleets, air groups, and amphib assaults!

Save $3.00 on:

Battle Group Commander Episode One. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here was my new neighbor, this smoking hot blonde with flowing hair down to her waist, legs to the ceiling, and plump, juicy lips, asking if she could come in and use my shower. Just checking to see if anyone is actually still reading. Battle Group Commander is a real time simulation of modern warfare between Brits and Soviets. Knowing the Brits it probably involves tea and the Queen somehow.

BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity. !gninniw drawA .sdnuos dna sthgis fo yarra gnizama na hsaelnu ot erus si taht htap ciledehcysp a nwod pirt lanimilbus, yzarc A

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. Stop acting like Kirk by running around in your gold colored PJs while pretending your remote is a tricorder and instead BE Kirk. Explore the universe in under twenty minutes, all from the comfort of your computer.

Remember, the sale lasts through September 30th!

For demos of all the above products, or to read more about them (and get, you know, real facts about them) please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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