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Old September 2nd, 2011, 08:05 AM
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Post Battlefields And Dungeons Deep For September’s Monthly Gamers Front Specials
Press Release Teaser: A New Month Means New Savings At Shrapnel Games!   

Battlefields And Dungeons Deep For September’s Monthly Gamers Front Specials!
A New Month Means New Savings At Shrapnel Games!

Cary, NC, 02 September 2011

September not only signals the unofficial end of summer but hails two new discounts at the Shrapnel Games online game store, Gamers Front. Each month at least two games are chosen for special treatment and are discounted for the entire month. That’s right, from now until midnight on the very last day of the month you can take advantage of these great savings.

For September’s special we have BCT Commander and Scallywag: In The Lair of the Medusa on sale, both at a nice 20% discount from their everyday retail prices.

BCT Commander is available for Windows as a download. A real-time modern warfare simulation developed by ProSIM, makers of other realistic titles such as The Falklands War:1982 and Air Assault Task Force, BCT Commander is one of their earlier titles. Although early it features all the great things that one expects from a ProSIM title.

BCT Commander is a grand tactical game of modern combat featuring a nice selection of Western and Russian AFVs, plus a full complement of supporting units including aircraft. Focusing on the brigade/regimental scale (maps can be 50km by 50km in size…so yeah, truly grand tactical) battles take place in Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, and Russia. The NTC in California is also included.

Gameplay is pausable real-time but as with all ProSIM products real-time is not a four letter word. Real-time allows the player to feel the urgency of making split second decisions on the modern battlefield, where entire platoons can be wiped out in minutes. Additionally, it allows a better understanding of how these battlefield platforms actually work; getting from point A to B isn’t a matter of computing mythical movement points, but figuring out how fast in kilometers per hour the units actually travel.

Visually the maps used are full color military style maps with grid, elevation, and phase lines displayed. Maps can be zoomed in and out and units can be displayed as NATO standard icons or stylized graphical depictions.

Play against the challenging AI or against other players (made easy by using the integrated BCT: Arena matchmaking software) using the included scenarios or create your own.

PC Gamer awarded BCT Commander a 88%. Computer Games Online 4 out of 5 stars. Now it’s time for you to experience the greatness. All September long you can get BCT Commander for the low price of only $15.95.

For more information on this title and to download a demo please visit:


Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa is available for Windows as a physical product delivered to your door or as a download. Part single-player action RPG with a Rogue-like quality and part dungeonbash creator, Scallywag offers up plenty of gaming for its small price.

As a single-player game Scallywag serves up eighty levels of randomly generated dungeons, taking characters from first level Tramps to god-like twentieth level Scallywags. While there is plenty of monster bashing, skull crushing, and shroom ingesting as you’d expect in a dungeoncrawl, Scallywag offers a couple of twists on the usual formulas.

First, in Scallywag splattering orcs isn’t the end game. Rather, in each level there is an exit. The player must find the rope to drop into the exit to proceed to the next level. Players are of course free to explore every single chamber but the game is suited perfectly for blitz style play. Not to mention there is a small matter of the encroaching darkness if you stick around too long.

See, the second twist is that being able to see in Scallywag is a matter of resource management. Your adventurer has a lantern which burns oil. Turn the lantern up and you can see further but at the cost of burning more oil. Run out of oil and discover that while you can’t see too well in the dark there are plenty of things that can. Too bad they want to eat you.

Speaking of that the lantern is not just a gimmick but an actual tactical tool. Bright light allows the player to see monsters at a further range (while they can see the player, too) and react sooner. Low light allows stealth. Throughout the game players will have to balance going dark and going bright to survive the denizens of the dungeon.

Thanks to its inherent randomness, not to mention the four increasingly difficult modes of play, Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa never truly has to end. But when you reach a stopping point you can always craft your own adventures. Scallywag was created with user mods in mind from the outset. Easy to import, Scallywag adventures can be crafted using nothing more than basic Windows applications. Of course, if the modder has access to more serious tools the sky is unlimited.

Throughout September purchase Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa for only $23.95. Read more about it here:


Visit our Monthly Special page at the Gamers Front to purchase these titles:


To check out our complete catalog of award-winning titles please go to www.shrapnelgames.com. Besides reading up on recent releases such as Bronze and World Supremacy, patches and demos are available along with quite a few free games for download.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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