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Old October 12th, 2010, 02:22 PM

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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 9

Took out an A10 in Alpha's sector. The enemy evened the ledger when a Matilda II destroyed one of my tanks. My guys put steel on target at 150m, but no joy. It just left them with an irritated enemy who ruined their day. With all the smoke in the area, I'm losing sight of the enemy, but I know they had 14 tanks in this area and I've only destroyed two. I misjudged the timing on the bombers. They come in next turn. I may have to resort to assaults to destroy the enemy tanks. At least I'm holding their infantry back. Still hitting them with light mortars, but plotted two medium sections as well.

Traded tanks in Bravo sector as well. At least when I kill one of the enemy tanks, I know it costs typically twice as much as mine do. I punched a hole in another A10 as well. Two left here, with three Matilda Is moving up. My tanks from Yankee will duck into the gully next turn. Enemy infantry seems to be stuck 300m out. Light mortar round still dropping on enemy.

One platoon of infantry in front of Charlie now. No tanks supporting, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Last approaching truck mounted 2-pdr destroyed in front of Delta. Enemy infantry company advancing without tank support. Three squads ripped up and running so far.

Alpha and X-Ray tanks only ones engaging south of the salient now. Any enemy infantry that pops up gets cut down by Alpha infantry. Two tanks look like they are going to try to move through the rough, but they won't get far. ATGs punched a hole in an A13 and capped one Dingo. All three of the A13s might have been hit at least once so far. Two Matilda Is are undamaged, but not a major threat. There is a Vickers tank in the area as well, but also not a concern. Two sections of medium mortars are still hitting the enemy south of the gap.


Friendly: 2xM11/39 tank destroyed. Estimated 10 casualties.

Enemy: 2xA10 tank, 1x2-pdr Portee trucks and 1xDaimler Dingo destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.
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