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Old May 23rd, 2012, 07:00 PM

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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

Man... I was rooting for Pangaea and was curious about Marverni and Helheim, but... It seems that even though I had three picks, none of them turns out too positive for the moment, except for Marverni who is doing okay-ish.
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Old May 24th, 2012, 12:36 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

I wanna say that this is great guys. I love AARs and I read this from start to finish. Keep up the good work and I hope you will finish it. I wish there were more AARs like this.

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Old May 24th, 2012, 10:06 AM

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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

I'm also enjoying this thread very much and have been reading it avidly. Keep it up!
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Old May 31st, 2012, 01:54 AM
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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

Where are the updates?
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Old May 31st, 2012, 09:51 AM

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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

I'll probably get a few this weekend- i was on vacation so i've fallen behind.

Thanks for cracking the whip because that is a VERY good question indeed!
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Old May 31st, 2012, 03:38 PM
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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

I will probably post an update tomorrow. The entire game is on pause due to Immaculate's vacation so no one is thinking of the game much. Even though we probably should use the time to get ahead on our writing.
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Old June 1st, 2012, 03:38 PM

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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

I'll post a bunch of updates together in a few weeks. I don't have much to say anyway and I think it's better to have several turns grouped together.
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Old June 1st, 2012, 07:42 PM
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Default Re: Multi-Player After Action Report (Now Discussing Turns up to 8-9)

This one's a weird story/gameplay hybrid. It menaces with tentacles of oneiroplasmic goo.

R'lyeh ~~ Turn 15

Soundtrack: Brad Sucks - I Don't Know What I'm Doing: I Think I Started a Trend.

Messages pass back and forth along the aether: The mystics of
Arcoscephale turn and toss in their sleep, haunted by horrible dreams
of vast fish-creatures wallowing in slime and darkness and unnumbered
coiling pale and puckered tentacles. Yet they sense significance, a
meaning, even intent, trained as they are in the interpretation of
oneiric visions.

Something that lives in the deep wishes to ascend to the world of air
and light.

Perhaps they should have ignored these dreams, deadened their senses
with subtle drugs, but they sensed power, ancient and occult, behind
their visions. And so they decide to send a message back. And in their
lust for power, they make an offer. For in Arcoscephale the crafting of
magical gadgets and instruments is an art far advanced beyond the
skills of other realms. And in the conquered undersea territories where
the tears of mermaids are collected, the overseer-slaves jab their
coral prods with vigour, for there is a shipment to be made.

Meanwhile, in the desert of Ard, a white-winged being of unearthly
splendour stands alone in the barren waste. Does it know of its
servants' dealings? Is it deceived? Does it accept dark deeds in the
pursuit of the greater good? Even though it is named with a song, it
remains silent, while the desert sands blow out over the sea.

In the utmost north, where far below the floating mountains of ice a
fortress of dark stone crouches. There a slave-priest toils with a
ceremonial bucket to prepare the inner chambers for the polypal
mothers. So vile and unspeakable are the necessary rituals and
abasements that only slaves will perform them. Slaves, and the one
known as Nyarlathotep. But then the one known as Nyarlathotep is also
known to be a creep.

A chieftain of the Maverni, Catamantaledes by name, has heard of the
prophecy the druids gave concerning Ermor in Numecria: "If Ermor
conquers Nume, the conquest of the world shall begin at Ermor." To be
more exact: he had heard the second half. Some would recall that the
bard who told him came from the mist-shrouded west, and some would
remember that his gray eyes were empty of smiles and full of stratagems.

With barbarian cunning, this Catamantaledes planned to take advantage
of the prophecy. By planting his throne on the ruins of once proud
Ermor, he hoped to become invincible in battle. Or at the least, he
hoped to gain fame and attract many warriors to his cause.

Thundering warcries and waving their axes, Catamantaledes and his
warriors burst over the tumbled walls of Ermor.

However, the druids have sent warning ahead of him, for they would not
risk war with the masters of the ocean deep for one chieftain's foolish
ambition. Yet luck or fate smiled on Catamantaledes: the inscrutable
creatures of the deep also eshewed confrontation. They had left only a
herald behind; a hulking atlantean in clad in spiked gray metal. What
he was to say, the Maverni never learned, for they were so disgusted by
the herald's toad-like appearance that they immediately hurled a volley
of javelins at him and cut down his attendants as they fled. Thus was
Ermor conquered the second time.

And not far to the north in a dingy Bolfagonian tavern two men sit
across a low table. One is a fisherman, but with a curious and
unwholesome slackness of expression uncommon for men of his stripe. The
other is a sharp-eyed old man, magnificently bearded. His clothes look
drab and nondescript, but in a manner difficult to remember and
impossible to describe.

The fisherman places a pouch on the table, the rough hemp at home
between the ale stains.

"This is it?" asks the bearded one.

"Open it," answers the fisherman.

The bearded man reaches out and pulls the bag across the table. It is
larger than it seemed at first. He undoes the frayed string and the
pouch gapes open. With a gasp, he speaks a word of power, shrouding it
from the sight of the uninitiated. Nobody hears it: it is one of the
word's powers that it is forgotten save by those trained in the magic
of air and seeming.

For a while, the bearded man merely gazes at the perfection before him.
Flawless pearls, the size of eyeballs, the colour of the full moon at
midwinter. Perhaps a hundred. "Yes," he hears himself say, "you will
have my services." A moment later, he adds: "For the next three moons."

And in the distant south-east, in the war-torn land of Ultima Delca, a
message scroll bursts into flames.

The misbred commander shakes the flakes of burning paper off his hand.
"So R'lyeh will not attack them, despite our generous offer?"

The human standing before him pales even further. "They... they said
they had already left the sea, on another shore."

"Can't be helped, then. It was worth a try. Now: how far have the
Arcoscephalans advanced?"


How far have the Arcoscephalans advanced, indeed? My scouting is pretty
spotty to nonexistant (the latter really), since there's no independant
underwater scouts. And isn't that an Abysian talking? Well, consider
that scene a teaser. Updates by Excist and Immaculate will maybe make
things clearer...
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Old June 2nd, 2012, 10:24 PM

Immaculate Immaculate is offline
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Default Arcosephalae Turn 12

Turn Twelve:


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Good morning sleepy-head!

Also, this turn, I get some nature gems from Pangeaa.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I wonder why. Maybe I am being bribed to attack someone (and leave my back open to attack by Formoria- maybe the trick is on me?)

We also manage to take a province with LOTs of indie barbs. Formoria generously offered to let me take it without making any claims to it despite how close it is to their lands and their extensive armies.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We do lose many troops but they are largely our mercenary barbarian forces under Rexor.

Here’s a look at the map after the end of the turn.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Next turn I intend to take an indie province with the best 80s song in the world all by herself.
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Old June 2nd, 2012, 10:47 PM

Immaculate Immaculate is offline
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Default Arcosephalae Turn 13

Turn Thirteen:
Call Me!

Brought to you by Blondie!

Our god attacks some heavy cavalry.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And wins without losses. As you can see, we’ve obtained alteration 3 and are putting it to good use I feel.

The rest of our forces reposition, not taking any more provinces this turn. We are preparing to take three more indie provinces next turn however. Remember, up until now, we have never taken more than one province in any one turn (I do believe).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just a reminder of what I learned about from Corinthian for this turn…

Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
Turn 13: A view to a kill.

Oh, and taking inspiration from Immaculate again, you really should listen to this song while reading this turn in order to get the proper feel for things.

This is it gents! This is war!

My armies will launch a three pronged assault on Arco. The expansion force to the center will go for the growth province, the stealthing Nemedians will attack the entry province next to his capitol and the major army will simply sail over the seas and land on the other side of his capitol. Next turn the two groups will siege it and with the help of my strong giants they should be able to break down the walls to the helpless philosophers in just 2 turns. After that it is over for arco, and the rest will be just mop-up work. The Chariots he have been relying on until now are completely unsuitable for fighting my giants. So while he might be able to raid my provinces still, he will not be able to break the siege.

Even if my other neighbors take offense to this it will take a few turns for them to get their asses in gear. And by the time they have done that Arco will be a nonentity, thus allowing me to divert my forces to fight my other neighbors.

It is a perfect plan and I'm a genius!

To be concluded....
Hateful little creature! Damn you and your dominant play!

Am I soon going to die? Did he not consider the strength of my Virtue? Can I turn this attack? What will happen?
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