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Old May 31st, 2006, 09:09 AM
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Default \"Bug\" Reporting

There are a few ways anyone reporting a problem with the game can help us
resolve things faster

1] Provide a save game. This is one of the most important ways of showing
us what you are seeing. If it's one particular unit tell us the unit number.
If the problem is on the map give us the map co-ordinates. IF you can
provide us with a save game from the turn BEFORE the problem appears that
allows us to debug it. Saves after the even just allow us to see what you
are seeing. A Save from the move before (and a description of how to get the
same problem) can be debugged and is the most useful type of save

2] Let us know what TYPE of game this is. Generated battle? Generated
Campaign ? Scripted Campaign? ( like "Roundhammer" or "Stalingrad" )
Scenario ? ( and if yes...what is the name and number of it ) . If it's a
sceanrio you downloaded from someplace else ( Like Wargamers sceanrio
archive for example ) let us know that as well. Old scenarios can have their
own set of problems

Please note that secure PBEM game saves are worthless unless you give us the

3] The following info is also useful when reporting problems.

-The Month and Year
-The nations involved. Who is P1 and who is P2
-The type of Battle ( assault, delay, meeter, advance, defend, river assault, beach assault )
- Are you using the standard OOBS, or some form of modified OOB
- Have you made any other modifications (such as installing non-standard LBM
or SHP files)

4] A description of what happened EXACTLY.
e.g WHO killed X, With what and in what particular circumstances.
"Unit X turned into a marker badge when destroyed" is less use than "Unit X
turned into a marker badge when destroyed by 20mm flak while descending by

5] For hardware type problems, please specify your hardware configuration
- Operating System
- processor type
- Amount of RAM
- DirectX version
- Sound card type
- Video card type, and RAM

6] Tell us what resolution you are running the game at

If the problem you are reporting does not seem to be hardware related don't
bother including the info from 5]

The more info we have the easier it is to sort through any type of problems.
Some things that may appear to be a game bug could be an OOB error and some
things that appear at first glance to be an OOB or sceanrio issue could
indeed be code related so the more info you can give the better. It allows
us to fix an problems that do arise and provide you with a better game


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