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Old May 30th, 2012, 08:52 AM

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Default Re: Close Assaults

There was a spirited discussion of close assaults at another website (for Spwaw) a couple years ago. It got a little hyperbolic, with some proponents of infantry suggesting that "naked Finns" or any squad with a real He-Man could take out tanks, while others argued that only formations with "dedicated" AT weapons (including flamethrowers, AT mines, bazookas, etc.) would plausibly assault them with any significant frequency.

Whatever the pros and cons---personally I'm inclined to agree with the latter view, although my experience is purely anecdotal and academic (Stuart Hill's By Tank into Normandy, Ambrose's Band of Brothers and Citizen Soldiers, Werth's Russia at War, plus others I've forgotten)--I'm satisfied that SPWW2 does a reasonable job of reconciling
tank terror with infantry determination. Basically, infantry in the open hardly stands a chance, while dug-in or fortified grunts had best be avoided. My pet peeve with Spwaw was that even tank crews from destroyed AFV's, with nothing but "assorted small arms," could (and often did) kill an MBT. So far in SPWW2 this hasn't happened (yet!).

My thanks to the designers and programmers of SPWW2 for making this terrific simulation possible. Cheers!
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