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Old January 27th, 2016, 12:56 PM
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Default Operation Krkonose

So here is some WP motorized company action.

Operation Krkonose

Date: December 8, 1980

Battle Location: Borowe, Poland

Battle Type: Meeting engagement, Czechoslovakia vs Poland

Description: 1st December 1980 Red Army HQ ordered large scale "exercise"
which would demonstrate readiness of Warsaw Pact to intervene against
anti-socialist tendencies in Poland.

Several WP divisions were staged near Polish border armed with live ammo
awaiting the final direction from Moscow HQ to cross the border.
The "exercise" was fortunately cancelled.

This scenario depicts a smaller battle that might have happened if the
Czechoslovakian 1st Tank Division crossed the border and headed towards
Zagan city which was base of 11th Polish Armored Cavalry Division.

One of the motorised companies reinforced by one tank section
of 1st Tank Division is sent to secure a small village of Borowe on
the western flank of the main thrust. However, Polish forces send in
force of equal size to secure the village as well.

Far from the main front, without air or artillery support, without
recon units available to either side, the outcome of the battle will
be decided by commander's ability to employ his motorized company correctly.

TOE is equal on both sides and should be ideally played as PBEM, as it might
be too easy to defeat AI.

This is semi-fictional scenario.

Notes: If played against the AI the human player can take either side.

Sources: Internet.

Design by: Tomas Volka
Any comments, improvement ideas and so on are more than welcome.
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Old March 5th, 2016, 07:15 PM
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Thumbs up Re: Operation Krkonose

Thanks Tomas for the enjoyable and interesting 80's era battle where smoke will shield your guys. Plus, the unit size is comfortable to play, making battle management exciting at the company level. While I chose to play Czechoslovakia, I would have preferred to make the A0 unit the company Hq, but, it was not a problem playing the scenario in default mode with the A0 unit as Bn Hq.

We anticipated LCOA of enemy forces from the Northeast. Since the Victory Flags were set to neutral, we decided to rush Bravo Company to fighting positions from the Southeast of the town of Borowe, creating a hasty defense. Further, we placed the T-55’s at the edge of the clearing within the trees in overwatch to protect the southern flank of the company. The battle was decided by turn 12 with complete decimation of enemy forces completed by turn 18.

For simplicity the platoons are given by unit numbers, C0, D0, and E0.

We simply set filters on our weapons and waited for the enemy forces with the following result:

Fine job Tomas.

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