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Old August 10th, 2009, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: Attempting to improve the AI for Proportions 3.05

The AI files were I think ok for Proportions 2.x, but then weren't changed much for 3.x, and were changed in some ways that weren't tested much or at all, so your testing is great to have, thanks!

Agreed about the Xiati starting with 4 years of only temporal research.

The AI not giving orders to some ships sounds like a flaw in the AI that may not have much to do with the mod, or it might just be that the AI doesn't consider a ship with a "mere" one population unit to be a worthy population transport.

It's been years since I had fresh knowledge of what the messages for ruins meant exactly. I don't think it's at all likely that ruins are broken entirely. (We did play several games of 3.x multiplayer.)

Good observation about the 100kT missile boats with range 9.

FYI & IIRC, there is sort of a limit to the control possible over micromanaging what the AI does during the first few turns particularly without impacting what it will do during the rest of the game and with colonies on planets. So for instance it might be ok if it tries building a fire platform on turn 1 on the homeworld, if it means it also builds fire platforms early on colonies, since that's a useful defense to have there.

Also, in Proportions it's far less vital, nor even clearly the best move, to develop scouting and colonizing early on versus military. If an enemy seiges your home planet early on, it may be game over due to unrest. Also colonies are investments which only pay off after considerable time, and which in theory can be captured by invasion (though the AI isn't very good at capturing planets).
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